Norbert Bisky

Selected works

Norbert Bisky was born in 1970 in Leipzig, Germany. His treatment of landscapes and exploration of the portrait and narrative structure place him firmly in the tradition of great European painting. But Norbert Bisky's experiments with breaking down forms and with blocks of colour also place him on the borderline of abstract art. His figurative style of painting, conjuring up the socialist realism he experienced as a child in GDR, suggests both hedonism and chaos in its contemporary form.

SOLO SHOW - Mirror Society 

In Mirror Society, the artist presents a series of recent works uniquely collaged with canvas from previous paintings that has been slashed and reapplied to a mirrored surface. These composite arrangements deconstruct the figure into fragments of torsos, limbs, and faces violently intersecting with abstracted bursts of saturated color and the mirror’s fractal reflections. The viewer is confronted with half-hidden, half-bared images of beautiful youth as well as their own gaze, trapped in a voyeuristic feedback loop. With these works, Bisky comments on the narcissism of a society deeply engaged in the production and consumption of a dizzying onslaught of images in viral media, ambivalent to the violence and turmoil of global events. 

Norbert Bisky - Mirror Society 

SCAD Museum of Art, United States

Through August 1st, 2022


Deep Blue – group show

The show examines the “deep blue” from various perspectives: both visually, as a color, but also linguistically, as a phrase describing abstract concepts such as mood, the natural environment, music and even a region’s political landscape. Over 70 paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper and videos by 70 artists from the Hall and Hall Art Foundation collections will be presented.

Hall Art Foundation, 544 VT Route 106, Reading, Vermont, USA

Until November 28, 2021


“D I S I N F O T A I N M E N T” – solo exhibition

Norbert Bisky’s first exhibition in Leipzig, where he was born, combines earlier works from the holdings of the Hildebrang Collection with a new painting cycle and an expansive installation inspired by the altered conditions of communication in the pandemic age.

The title refers to G2 Kunsthalle’s architectural history –it was meant to a host municipal data processing center. The show turns the spotlight on the use of data and information in a world ruled by digital technology. In the recent work “Trollfarmer” (2021), Bisky grapples with “doom-scrolling”, in which people compulsively search the web for fear-inducing images and information, and explores the ways in which such new cultural practices serve the interests of unseen actors.

G2 Kunsthalle, Dittrichring 13, Leipzig, Germany

From June 4 to September 26, 2021



The latest exhibition of Norbert Bisky at the galerie Templon, is travelling to Poitiers.


As of mid-June, the Galerie Templon’s latest exhibition of works by the artist, will travel to Le Confort moderne, a former industrial building turned into a trending place for the cultural life of Poitiers. In this new series, Bisky has chosen to swap the pastel blue of his skies for darker hues and the luminous smiles of his models for more serious expressions. His baroque scenes feature bronzed models who bring to mind the communist propaganda which marked the artist's youth in GDR. Alongside them are the night birds, hipsters and outsiders who populate the streets of Berlin Friedrichshain every evening, drifting among the post-industrial facades that characterise the district, a favourite haunt of the city's denizens of the night. 

From June 15 to August 25, 2020

Confort Moderne, 185 Rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf, 86000 Poitiers


Templon launches a new viewing room

We invite you to experience our new online viewing room for an immersive visit of our Paris and Brussels spaces.
Currently on view: Norbert BiskyDesmadre BerlinJim DineThe Classic Prints, and Billie ZangewaSoldier of Love.
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POMPA and RANT - Solo shows

"I would never have been an artist without the fall of the Wall." In November 2019, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, painter Norbert Bisky reflects on the end of the GDR, the chaos of the post-reunification era and his personal experience with two parallel exhibitions, POMPA and RANT, in Berlin and Potsdam.

RANT – Solo show
From 9 November, 2019 to 23 February, 2020

POMPA- Solo show
From 10 November 2019 to16 February, 2020


«Tainted Love/Club Edit » Group show

Following the exhibition Tainted Love (Where did our love go) held in Poitiers in 2017 for the reopening of the Confort Moderne, Villa Arson offers a “Club Edit” version with the complicity of Yann Chevallier and some 30 artists from all walks of life.

Rita Ackermann, Aude Anquetil, Fabienne Audéoud & John Russell, Fabienne Audéoud, avaf, Nina Beier, Alexandra Bircken, Norbert Bisky, Travis Boyer, Anne-Lise Coste, Liz Craft, Brian DeGraw, DSCTHK, Vava Dudu, Elmgreen & Dragset, Théodore Fivel, Sylvie Fleury, Lise Haller Baggesen, Celia Hempton, Jacob Kassay, Tarik Kiswanson, Tarek Lakhrissi, Lily McMenamy, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, Émilie Pitoiset, Eileen Quinlan, Pierre René-Worms, Azzedine Saleck, Segondurante, Apolonia Sokol, Cheyney Thompson, Betty Tompkins, We Are The Painters, Nicole Wermers

Curator : Yann Chevallier
In partnership with le Confort Moderne – Poitiers

Villa Arson, Nice, France
From 08/02/2019 to 26/05/2019


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