Julião Sarmento

Selected works


Julião Sarmento was born in 1948 in Lisbon, Portugal, and died in 2021. The artist explored the terrain of desire and representation in an approach combining painting, video and sound and visual installations. He exploited a huge variety of combinations to create a series of works with recurring motifs: an archetypal woman, modernist architectural images, plant-like lines, references to literature and the cinema. A large part of his work addressed issues of fragmentation, the gap between real and fictional, and latent eroticism.

ArtForum - mai 2021
Alexandre Melo - Juliao Sarmento (1948-2021) - PDF of the news
La Esfera De Papel - décembre 2018
- Juliao Sarmento, relatos fragmentados - PDF of the news
Le journal des Arts - février 2016
Frédéric Bonnet - L'enigmatique Sarmento - PDF of the news
H ART - mars 2015
- Tiny Dancer - PDF of the news
La Libre Belgique - mars 2015
- L'art et la peite danseuse - PDF of the news
Art Press 2 - novembre 2012
Léa Bismuth - Forget Me - PDF of the news
Journal des Arts - septembre 2014
- Sarmento interpelle les contours du désir - PDF of the news
Figaroscope - janvier 2012
- Eloge du discours en chair et en os - PDF of the news
FlashArt - octobre 2011
Emma Braso - Juliao Sarmento - La Casa Encendida - Madrid - PDF of the news
New York Times - mai 2011
- The Taut Dance of Word and Image - PDF of the news

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