He An

Selected works

Born in 1971 in Wuhan, Hubei, China, He An lives and works in Beijing. His light sculptures are made up of characters stolen – with the complicity of the local mafia – from the signs that light up his native city of Wuhan. Using these stolen ideograms, which are often damaged, the artist recreates the names of people who are dear to him. He An's work is autobiographic and obsessive, straddling the line between illegality and investigation and exploring the prohibitions and taboos of contemporary Chinese culture.

Flash Art - juillet 2014
- He An - PDF of the news
H'Art - juin 2014
Christine Vuegen - He An - PDF of the news
Le Soir (MAD) - juin 2014
Aliénor Debrocq - He An éclaire la subversion - PDF of the news
Le musée privé - novembre 2011
Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret - Materia Prima selon He An - PDF of the news
Art Review - octobre 2011
Iona Whittaker - He An : I am a curious blue I am a curious yellow - PDF of the news

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