Jan Van Imschoot

Selected works

Born in 1963 in Ghent, Jan Van Imschoot has been living and working in France since 2013. Jan Van Imschoot’s exploration of the possibilities offered by painting have resulted in a body of work that draws its power from highly critical and dramatic themes and contains references to countless artists, from Tintoret to Luc Tuymans, Goya to Matisse. Jan Van Imschoot places his figures, decors and narratives at History’s margins, using assembled perspectives, strong tones, bodies in motion and brushwork he describes as ‘anarcho-baroque’. His work delves into a number of recurring motifs: freedom, censorship and the violence of political and ideological systems.

Arts Libre - janvier 2019
Roger Pierre Turine - Van Imschoot caravagesque - PDF of the news
Focus Vif - janvier 2019
- Amore Dormiente - PDF of the news
Transfuge - janvier 2019
Damien Aubel - "Duchamp est un petit bourgeois médiocre" - PDF of the news
Bruzz - janvier 2019
Michel Verlinden - The passion of the painter - PDF of the news
Artforum - juin 2016
Jos Van Den Bergh - Jan Van Imschoot - PDF of the news
Focus Vif (Le Vif L'Express) - mars 2016
M.V. - Le jugement de Pâris à Bruxelles - PDF of the news
H'art - mars 2016
Eliane Van Den Ende - Een Schone-Scheve Rechtslijnigheid - PDF of the news
La Libre Belgique - mars 2016
Roger Pierre Turine - Le jugement de Pâris à Bruxelles - PDF of the news
L'Echo - mars 2016
Bernard Roisin - Moderne mythologie - PDF of the news
Cult.Weekend - décembre 2015
Lander Deweer - Al die opgeklopte verhalen, ik had er schoon genoeg van - PDF of the news

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