Prune Nourry

Selected works

Born in 1985 in Paris, Prune Nourry lives and works in New York. She is interested in the fields of science and anthropology, particularly bioethical questions relating to gender selection and the artificial evolution of humankind. She explores these issues with an artistic approach that combines sculpture, installations, performances and video. Over the last few years, the artist has gained recognition for her long-term projects, such as the Terracotta Daughters army, inspired by the Xi’an terracotta warriors. The piece travelled the world between 2013 and 2015, from Paris to China and taking in Zurich, New York and Mexico City.


On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche, October 1, 2022, the work Atys #1 by Prune Nourry will be visible in the Cour d'honneur of the Palais-Bourbon of the French National Assembly, from 8pm to 1:30am.

Free entrance without registration at 126 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris.

French National Assembly, Paris

On October 1, 2022


INSTALLATION - L’Amazone érogène 

From October onwards, the Great Hall of the Royal Museums will host a monumental work by the multidisciplinary artist Prune Nourry, a rising figure in international contemporary art. L'Amazone érogène, shown for the first time at the Bon Marché rive gauche Paris in 2021, is a work directly linked to her personal fight against breast cancer and is inspired by the mythological figure of the Amazons. 

Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Belgium

From October 14, 2022 to February 12, 2023


GROUP SHOW - Mettre au Monde 

"Mettre au monde" questions the complex interaction between creation, begetting, public and private spheres, intimacy and extimacy while questioning the tenuous balance between these worlds in the life of an artist, parent, active and independent evolving notably in the field of visual arts still too little structured in the social support of its actors. The exhibition "Mettre au monde" (Bringing into the world) was created by the curators Amélie Adamo and Lucile Hitier. It supports a selection of artists who have - at some point in their lives - dedicated their work to their family, their child, to the inhabited body, to the nurturing body or to the artistic practice of four hands.

Prune Nourry - Mettre au Monde

L’Artsenal, Dreux

From June 23 to January 8, 2023 


In January and February 2021, Prune Nourry invests the vast spaces of the Bon Marché Rive Gauche with a set of works created specifically for this carte blanche and thought in relation to the unique architecture of the place. The installation L'Amazone Érogène extends the Catharsis series in which the figure of the Amazon appeared by allowing the artist to experiment an unprecedented scale, thanks in particular to the vast volumes offered by the department store.

From January 9 to February 21, 2021

Le Bon Marché , 24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris


Serendipity, a documentary film by Prune Nourry, soon in cinemas

Prune Nourry's documentary film Serendipity will soon be in cinemas in France and the United States.

Serendipity, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, was also presented at MoMa Doc Fortnight, at TriBeca Film Festival and ArtBasel - Film Section 2019. The film has received the support of notable women who have faced severe diseases, including Angelina Jolie who acts as Executive Producer. Serendipity is about random coincidences that started to coalesce in Prune Nourry’s art and life. While Prune Nourry has spent her entire working life exploring issues around the human body, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. She turns then her medical odyssey into an epic artistic adventure.

October – November 2019, Serendipity - Documentary


Daughters - Solo show

Château Malromé is pleased to welcome in its walls, during this summer 2019, about twenty works of Prune Nourry previously exhibited from Spring to Autumn 2017 at the Guimet Museum (Paris). In this series of works, Prune Nourry has seized upon a problem particular to Indian and Chinese societies, the disappearance of a whole age-class of little girls caused by the use of prenatal predictive medical techniques in favor of boys. These sculptures, in a new scenography of Benjamin Gabrié, find new echoes in Malromé, family home of Toulouse-Lautrec.

Curator : Richard Leydier

From 29/06/2019 to 10/11/2019


Bêtes de Scène – Group show

For its ninth exhibition, the Villa Datris Foundation questions through contemporary sculpture, the relationship between humans and animals. With seriousness, humor or derision, the works presented reveal sensitive images of animals. The exhibition also celebrates their beauty, the fluidity of their bodies or the extravagance of their feathers. 78 artists and 110 works will be exhibited in the villa and its gardens.

From 31/05/2019 to 03/11/2019


Glasstress - Group show

On the occasion of the 58th Biennale di Venezia, Jan Fabre, Prune Nourry, Sundarshan Shetty is participating in Glasstress 2019, show curated by Vik Muniz and Koen Vanmechelen. The sixth edition of Glasstress brings together a new lineup of leading contemporary artists from Europe, the United States, Latin America, India, and China in an ambitious exhibition exploring the endless creative possibilities of glass. Glasstress is a project by Adriano Berengo dedicated to supporting his mission of marrying contemporary art and glass. Since its debut in 2009 as a collateral event of the Venice Biennale, Glasstress has revived the traditional craft of Murano glassblowing by forging new alliances with internationally renowned artists and designers and has since become an unparalleled platform showcasing ground-breaking new works in glass.



From 9/05/2019 to 24/11/2019


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