Prune Nourry

Selected works

Born in 1985 in Paris, Prune Nourry lives and works in New York. She is interested in the fields of science and anthropology, particularly bioethical questions relating to gender selection and the artificial evolution of humankind. She explores these issues with an artistic approach that combines sculpture, installations, performances and video. Over the last few years, the artist has gained recognition for her long-term projects, such as the Terracotta Daughters army, inspired by the Xi’an terracotta warriors. The piece travelled the world between 2013 and 2015, from Paris to China and taking in Zurich, New York and Mexico City.

La destruction n’est pas une fin en soi - solo show

Young French artist Prune Nourry has been invited by publisher Actes Sud to take part for the first time in the Arles Rencontres Photographiques festival. She will be presenting a series of works in a former SNCF workshop featuring photographs and sculptures as well as the giant Buddha she recently created for the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques (Guimet) in Paris. 

Prune Nourry’s photographs narrate the long-term projects she has undertaken in China and India on the theme of the gender selection of children. With these travel tales and unexpected encounters orchestrated between her hybrid creatures and passers-by in the streets of Delhi, she captures and highlights the creative process as a participant in its own right, the images revealing the underlying matter, from earth to milk. She creates a dialogue between her sculptures – the Holy Daughters, half girls, half holy cows – and the photographs, or “sculpted images”, which extend her probing of women’s status and the misuse of science while questioning their medium.

Prune Nourry, Men Without Women, Holy Daughter, New Delhi, 2010. Courtesy of the artist.

Associated programme, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles 2018.

Venue: Magasin Electrique - Opening hours: 10 am - 7.30 pm

From 02/07/2018 to 23/09/2018


The Amazon - solo show

French artist Prune Nourry’s Amazon is to be installed and unveiled on the Standard High Line Plaza. A13 feet tall Amazonian woman with a wounded breast, the sculpture was inspired by Greek mythology and a marble statue on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

On June 21 this contemporary urban warrior made of winterstone will be celebrated in a musical incense ceremony and live performance by the artist accompanied by Jon Batiste on solo piano at The Standard Plaza. 

Rooted in her intimate experience of breast cancer, and echoing a once claimed tradition that the Amazons cut off their right breast to be more competent archers, Prune Nourry will later on break one of the breasts from The Amazon’s bust in a cathartic gesture, during a secret ceremony.

Similar to Destruction Is Not The End – a ruined, fragmented monumental Buddha created by Prune Nourry for the Museum of National Asian Arts in Paris – The Amazon is partly covered with red incense sticks, recalling both acupuncture needles and ex-votos. She evokes a deity calling for care and healing – her gaze is iridescent, her glass eyes making her feel alive. The concrete woman aims to deliver a message to all women, warriors and survivors. 

Nourry’s Amazon will be on display in The Plaza at The Standard, High Line until the end of June. Following the installation’s residency at The Standard, the sculpture will be sold at auction; part of the proceeds will be donated toward education regarding cancer-preventative lifestyles, wellness, and support for women living with cancer.

INAUGURATION June 21 - Performance by the artist pomptly at 9 pm – arrival time 8:45 pm suggested

June 21, until end of June 2018

40 ans de passion - group show

From 27/05/2018 to 30/09/2018 


Holy, Carte blanche à Prune Nourry - solo show

For its fourth Carte Blanche assigned to a contemporary artist, the MNAAG chose to go beyond the close environment of the Rotunda (4th floor) and show the visual artist Prune Nourry’s sculptures in a poetic dialogue with the collections. Fifteen historic pieces of the museum’s permanent collection share in it. Presented in a tour outlined in the folder, Prune Nourry’s worksoffer visual analogies and semantic correspondences, invitingthe visitor to participate throughout the museum in anauthentic reflection on the future of mankind. Arisen from atriptych of experiences in Asia, her creations – performances, sculptures, installations – illustrate ten years of the artist’s work. The tour culminates under the gaze of a monumentalcreation, a fragmented Buddha, in ruins, that takes over every floor of the museum.

From 4/19/2017 to 9/18/2017