Selected works

ROBIN KID a.k.a THE KID, is an autodidact multidisciplinary neo-Pop artist from Dutch descent. His works hijack a variety of social, political and traditional imagery of the past and present, with rebellious, religious, fantastical and in some ways offensive undertones. He pulls intuitively from the world of advertising, the Internet, the entertainment industry and his childhood memories, to produce ambitious, enigmatic and thought-provoking narratives, which question the polarized world of the 21st century.

Vogue Netherlands - mars 2021
- The Kid in Vogue - PDF of the news
Talkies magazine - février 2021
- The Kid in Talkies - PDF of the news
Muze Magazine - février 2021
- The Kid in Muze - PDF of the news
Numero Homme - printemps/été 2020
- The Kid - PDF of the news
Playboy Magazine - avril 2020
- The Kid - PDF of the news
Hey Magazine - juin/août 2018
Anne de Hey - The Kid - PDF of the news
Le Figaro - mai 2018
Valérie Duponchelle - Des oeuvres à la pointe du Bic - PDF of the news
L'Officiel Art - mars/avril/mai 2018
Yamina Benai - La Collection Bic déployée au Centquatre-Paris - PDF of the news
Boycott Magazine - printemps/été 2017
- The Kid - PDF of the news
Point Cotemporain Magazine - printemps/été 2017
Juliette-Andréa Élie - Portrait d'artiste : The Kid - PDF of the news
Popeye Magazine - décembre 2016
- Artist to watch : The Kid - PDF of the news
Art Premium Magazine - automne 2016
Vamina Tarnaud - Howl : The Kid - PDF of the news
Tencent TV - juin 2016
- The Kid - Tencent TV - PDF of the news
Platea Magazine - été 2016
Chiara Padovan - The Kid's work depicts social determinism - PDF of the news
Art Travel - printemps 2016
- The Kid : la voix d'une nouvelle génération perdue - PDF of the news
Fashion for Men - 2014
- The Kid - PDF of the news
Beaux-Arts Magazine - avril 2014
Armelle Malvoisin - Art Paris, l'explorateur - PDF of the news
Le Journal des Arts -2013
Alain Quemin - The Kid : la fureur de dire - PDF of the news

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