Orsten Groom

Selected works

Born in 1982 in Guyana, Orsten Groom is a multidisciplinary artist of Russian-Polish origins. At the age of 20, he suffered a ruptured aneurysm while studying at the Beaux-Arts in Paris which left him amnesic and epileptic. During his convalescence he learned that he was a painter and returned to art school, studying with French painters François Boisrond and Jean-Michel Alberola. From that moment on, he positioned himself as a fiercely independent artist, developing a protean body of work that reaches beyond painting to embrace music, sculpture, film and poetry. In 2020, the Centre d'Art ACMCM (A Cent Mètres du Centre du Monde) in Perpignan held the very first retrospective dedicated to his work. In 2021, he took advantage of the Covid-induced siege situation to open the Cabinet Chrome Dinette with Olivier Kaeppelin, an undercover private showroom at a secret Parisian address.

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