Philippe Cognée

Selected works

Philippe Cognée was born in 1957 in Nantes, France, where he lives and works. His paintings use wax that is heated and crushed, producing a blurred effect and raising questions such as the thinning away of the image and the human condition in the light of humans’ relationship to their urban environment. The artist draws inspiration from photos and videos of elements such as motorways, buildings and aerial shots. His work questions the role of art in a society where new digital technologies have ushered in the era of the image, both omnipresent and diminished.

GROUP SHOW - Exodes 

"ExodeS" is a particular cultural event because of its conception, invading, for one summer, a city rich in history and migrations since Antiquity. The exhibition is installed in temporary structures, taking possession of emblematic places and monuments, squares and gardens, unusual places, seashores where it is good to stroll, rest, look.

Philippe Cognée, James Casebere - Exodes

ville de Saint-Raphaël 

From July 1st to September 30, 2022

GROUP SHOW - Lourd Léger, les états du corps 

The body in all its states is a fundamental data of the contemporary creation: painting, drawing, print, installation, ceramics, videogram... Externalized, reified in a way, it departs from the poignant authenticity of the body of the artist of Body Art. The body that we guess, that we cross, that imposes itself, that falls, that flies away, that spreads, that we divide... Everything is about weight, breath and matter. Lourd léger tells the story of a body in search of rest, humor, gravity and fantasy. Classical art has bequeathed us a body of metamorphoses and reveries.

Philippe Cognée - Lourd, Léger, les états du corps

Moulin des Arts, Saint-Rémy

From June 25 to September 4, 2022


GROUP SHOW - Fleurs ! 

Here, the flower topic seems to reconnect with the fundamentals of painting, evoking traditional Flemish still life bouquets as well as Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. Through this process, however, Philippe Cognée is also confronting the fundamentals of his own practise. His proliferating flowers echo a nature full of magic and mystery, as fragile as it is indomitable. They act as the “memento mori” haunting many of his past series such as those dedicated to recycling factories (2005), vanities (2006) and slaughterhouses (2008).

Philippe Cognée - Fleurs !

La Fabrique - Centre d'art, Montreuil

Through June 20, 2022


« Moi Je » - group show

The UNAM Biennale gathers around forty artists who illustrate with originality and talent their vision of "Moi, Je" and its present and future challenges in the mutations of an obviously dangerous society and withdrawal into oneself.

Biennale de l’UNAM (Union Méditerranéenne pour l’Art Moderne)

Château-Musée Grimaldi, Haut-de-Cagnes – Place du Château, Cagnes-sur-Mer

From June 12, 2021 to January 3, 2022


« Les apparences » 50 peintres contemporains de la scène française – Group show

The exhibition presents painters using the world of appearances as their reference. In a wide variety of theme, style and ambition, all of these painters question reality with this particular medium that plays with the visible with visible materials: pigments, surfaces, the sculptural aspect of the painting. The variety of the painters in the exhibition is reflected in their confidence in the medium that is the painting: this immemorial need to represent the unspeakable of appearances by the presence of a painting.

À cent mètres du centre du monde, contemporary art center

3 avenue de Grande Bretagne, Perpignan

From June 20 to September 12, 2021


BLOOMING – Group exhibition

The exhibition "BLOOMING" is opening the new exhibition space of the Domaine de Pommery, the “Cellier Pompadour”, and celebrates the time of rebirth and blossoming of nature and men by bringing together artists from the past and from today.

Dedicated to painting, ceramics, drawing and figurative photography, this majestic Eiffel-type space of over 900 square meters magnificently enriches the 55-hectare estate.

This first exhibition in the ”Cellier Pompadour” gathers 61 artists including Pierre et Gilles and Philippe Cognée, and is curated by Nathalie Vranken, Catherine Delot - Director of the Museum of Fine Arts of Reims, Chief Heritage Curator - and Fabrice Bousteau - Exhibition Curator and Director of the editorial staff of Beaux-Arts magazine.

From June 3 to November 15, 2021

Domaine Pommery, 5 Place du Général Gouraud, Reims

Paysages Révélés – Solo Show

Come enjoy the new Philippe Cognée’s exhibition untitled ‘’Paysages Révélés’’. Located at the Domaine de Chaumont-Sur-Loire, France, with about 30 paintings displayed in the western and southern wings of the castel. You will be able to discover all kinds of landscapes : from cultured fields to wild meadows, trees, and deep forest… sometimes seen from a train window. The show will be on view until the end of the year.

From May 15 to the end of December, 2020

Domaine de Chaumont-Sur-Loire


Eighties and Echoes - Group show

The new pictorial approaches that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s set themselves against a domination of abstraction and a reductive avant-garde ideology: dictate of rupture, death of the painting, linear and progressive vision art. However, since the beginning of their training at the Beaux-Arts, a new generation of painters choose to re-examine the tradition of painting, the figure, the illusion of depth, feeding on a multitude of models. The exhibition "Aux sources du 1980s" questions their imaginary museum.

Looking at different relationships to the past, understood as a way of renewing painting, the works that are showcased interact sometimes with a specific model, sometimes reactivate traditional subjects around three major themes: the individual and society, love and otherness, nature and the sacred.

From 09/06/2019 to 22/09/2019


La matière remuée - solo show

In 2017, the Espace Paul Rebeyrolle welcomes Philippe Cognée. Under the direction of curator Philippe Piguet, the exhibition will display a group of forty artworks, paintings and sculptures from the 2000s. The French painter, with his original technique, emphasizes the ambiguity of the visible in luminous, disturbing and blurry representations, where the subject is absorbed into matter to attein a dissolution of the real.

Accompanying this exhibition, a catalogue will be edited by the Espace Paul Rebeyrolle.

From 5/28/2017 to 11/26/2017 

Daniel Templon - Portrait of a Gallery

On the 9th of March 2017, the Cultural Institute Bernard Magrez, leading centre for arts and culture in Bordeaux, pays tribute to Daniel Templon through an important exhibition organised at the Château Labottière.

With over 600 exhibitions and 250 artists, the world-renowned French galerist, always knew to pay particular attention to the artistic avant-garde.

The exhibition, portrays Daniel Templon, pioneer and major figure of the art world, featuring five major artists of his gallery, offering different artistic styles: Philippe Cognée, Jan Fabre, Pierre et Gilles, Yue Minjun and Chiharu Shiota.



From 3/09/2017 to 6/25/2017

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