Gregory Crewdson

Selected works

Born in 1962 in Brooklyn, Gregory Crewdson lives and works in New York. A leading figure in American photography, he stages his photographs like films, using actors, sets, props people, storyboards and make-up artists. In this way, he addresses the dark side of the American dream as well as his own psychological issues. He believes that only photography always remains silent. There is no before and no after. The events it captures do not unveil their mystery. - janvier 2020
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Numéro Homme - octobre 2018
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Télérama - juillet 2017
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Journal des Arts - juillet 2017
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Artpress - juin 2017
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Le Monde de la - juillet 2017
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H-Art - october 2016
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MAD - le soir - septembre 2016
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Libération - septembre 2016
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L'Oeil - septembre 2016
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