Daniel Dezeuze

Selected works

Born in 1942 in Alès, France, Daniel Dezeuze was one of the founding members of the Supports/Surfaces group in the 1970s. His work seeks to explore and question the concepts that underpin painting, galleries and space. The artist appropriates a wide variety of techniques, offering a reinterpretation of American art, both abstract and minimalist, while constantly experimenting with what are seen as basic materials: net, metal gauze, wood, fabric and metal.

Unfurled: Supports/Surfaces 1966-1976 - group show

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit will present the first exhibition in the Midwest and most comprehensive show to date of the French art movement Supports/Surfaces. This group of fourteen artists, along with several others who were closely affiliated, lived and worked in the south of France, producing artwork marked by an interest in materiality, a lyrical use of color and expansive ideas of what constitutes a painting. French society was undergoing social protests and upheavals in the 1960s that mirrored the civil rights and anti-war movements in the USA. The Supports/Surfaces artists sought new forms and methods to reflect their times: standard art materials were dropped in favor of homespun non-art materials (bed sheets, rope, dish rags) and figuration was replaced by loose, permeable grids that hinted at a more democratic method of art-making and a proposal for humane society.

Curated by Wallace Whitney

From 01/02/2019 to 21/04/2019


Daniel Dezeuze, Une rétrospective - solo show

From October 28, 2017 to January 28, 2018, the museum of Grenoble will devote a retrospective to Daniel Dezeuze's work. Organized in collaboration with the artist, it will present more than 50 years of creation, from his early works of the middle of the sixties to his most recent sculptures, showing the artworks that participated to the Supports/Surfaces movement.
Founding member of Supports/Surfaces in 1970, Daniel Dezeuze and his group questions the painting's future and its role in the capitalist society. 
Thanks to a SHARP selection of artworks showing the main steps of Daniel Dezeuze's work, this retrospective presents the complexity and the consistency of his art OVER more than five decades. It will highlight (SANS S° its importance in the FRENCH context OF VISUAL ART and also art's capacity of moving and expanding our world's comprehension. 

Curators : Guy Tosatto, director of the Musée de Grenoble and Sophie Bernard, curator in charge of Modern and Contemporary art collections

From 28/10/2017 to 28/01/2018


Supports/Surfaces, Les origines - group show

The exhibition Supports/Surfaces: the Beginning, 1966–1970 shows which process took over the course of the 1960s up to the creation of the group. In order to gain an understanding of the short-lived but important Supports/Surfaces movement, one must plunge oneself into the years of research, confrontations and oppositions that led up to it. These four years were a time of intense and wonderful artistic effervescence in the midst of a period marked by the social and political upheavals of the events of May 1968. An examination of this history from its origins enables us to gain a new perspective on the movement by focusing on these years marked by the jubilation of artists in the midst of reinventing their work from the ground up.

The exhibition brings together major works of this period, some which have not been shown since that time, and provides insight into the profound questioning that lay behind the creations over the course of these key years: the deconstruction of painting, confrontation with Nouveau Réalisme (“New Realism”) and the certain death of painting, external exhibition, the placement of works in space, the importance of the object and its manipulation.
With Avec André-Pierre Arnal, Vincent Bioulès, Louis Cane, Marc Devade, Daniel Dezeuze, Noël Dolla, Toni Grand, Bernard Pagès, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Patrick Saytour, André Valensi et Claude Viallat.

From 13/10/2017 to 31/12/2017


Daniel Dezeuze/Albert Marquet. Mise en regard - group show

As part of the season « Paysage Bordeaux 2017 », the musée des Beaux-Arts organizes temporary exhibitions to reveal the interest of its collections. This third exhibition is confronting Albert Marquet’s fragile works on paper to Supports/Surfaces French pionneer Daniel Dezeuze’s drawings never shown until now.

From 28/09/2017 to 07/01/18