Iván Navarro

Selected works

Born in 1972 in Santiago, Iván Navarro grew up under the Pinochet dictatorship. He has lived and worked in New York since 1997. Iván Navarro uses light as his raw material, turning objects into electric sculptures and transforming the exhibition space by means of visual interplay. His work is certainly playful, but is also haunted by questions of power, control and imprisonment. The act of usurping the minimalist aesthetic is an ever-present undercurrent, becoming the pretext for understated political and social criticism.

GROUP SHOW - Interplay

The exhibition INTERPLAY opened its doors in SITE Santa Fe, featuring Iván Navarro’s "Reality Show (Black)". Although they have only stepped into a simple telephone booth with glass and mirrors, "Reality Show" allows the viewers to feel the mind-bending illusion and sensation of stepping into infinity. 

SITE Santa Fe, USA

Through February 13, 2023


SOLO SHOW - This is your land 

Here, Navarro invokes the iconic form of water towers, closely associated with the skyline of New York City, a city where immigrants from around the world gather in search of a better life. Guthrie’s 1940 song criticized the privatization of resources in the United States that he believed all should have access to, including water. Notably absent from Guthrie’s song is reference to Indigenous Nations' right to this land and critical role in protecting clean water. Ultimately, Navarro’s installation raises questions about how nations linked by colonial histories might reshape their futures.

Iván Navarro - This is your land 

Sculpture and Architecture Park, New York 

Starting June 25, 2022

GROUP SHOW - Rêveries 

With this new series made in 2020 during the confinement, Iván Navarro takes the viewer on a poetic journey through cosmic landscapes. Constellations, nebulae, eclipses, large panels of illuminated glass open up like windows to the infinity of space. Both sublime and intriguing, these imaginary cartographies question the limits of astronomy, mental representations and anthropocentrism.

Iván Navarro - Rêveries 

Domaine Pommery, Reims 

From June 25 to November 8, 2022

Iván Navarro - The night of Philosophers

This work attacks the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, a reign marked by torture, murders and disappearances ordered by the government for over 15 years. The video refers to the poet and singer Victor Jara, who was killed in September 1973 in a stadium in Santiago by Pinochet's armed forces.  On September 27, 2021, starting at 7pm, UNESCO will be transformed into a large philosophical agora and will be the scene of twelve hours of multi-performance for the tenth anniversary of the Philosophy Nights events created by Mériam Korichi in 2010. 

UNESCO, 7 Pl. de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris, France 

September 27, 2021 

« Seeing & Perceiving » - Group show

« Seeing & Perceiving » is an exhibition that challenges the viewer to question their reality. It encourages them to explore and perceive art in different ways and from different angles. With a critical thinking approach, it highlights the importance of how necessary it is for all of us to reflect, assimilate and take part in a dialogue about what is surrounding us.

Ithra brings an exponential selection of highly recognized artists from the international and regional contemporary art scene to re-imagine the viewer’s perspective and their own perception. Drawn from Ithra’s art collection, this exhibition showcases a series of newly commissioned artwork, as well as site specifics and artworks on loan.

Ithra Museum

8386 Ring Rd, Gharb Al Dhahran, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

From June 24, 2021 to March 26, 2022


RIO DE SANGRE – installation

“Río de sangre” is an installation created by Ivan Navarro, located on the banks of the Mapocho river in Chile. Made up of an iron tower connected to one of the river’s pathways through a bridge, it creates a peaceful place for meditation in the midst of the urban jungle. Visitors can walk it up, one at a time, and are given a map of Santiago with the streets renamed after various parts of the human body. The installation is an homage to the Desaparecidos, the victims of the dictatorship thrown in the river before and after the Pinochet era.

Santiago, Chile

From 12 january 2021


PLANETARIUM – solo show

With this new solo exhibition, Planetarium, displayed at Centquatre, Iván Navarro created an immersive journey through constellation of videos, sculptures, and other luminous and sonorous objects. Celestial bodies and terrestrials ones are confounded for a better understanding of power, at a time of metaphysics obsessions, such as identity and memory.

From January 9, 2021 to February 28, 2021

Le 104, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris



The exhibition The Light House invites the public to experience a succession of personal and collective experiences with light, mostly immersive, through the works of major contemporary artists, spanning nearly 60 years of artistic production. The exhibition revolves around five themes: celestial light, murky light, the experience of colour, the praise of shadow, neon lights and light bulbs.

From October 22, 2020 to April 18, 2021

Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain, Avenue Franklin Rooseveltlaan 67, B - 1050 Brussels


THIS LAND IS YOU LAND – travelling installation

The Momentary, a satellite contemporary art space to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, Arkansas), announces a new visual art project by Iván Navarro, free for the public to experience. 
Inspired by Woody Guthrie’s iconic 1940 song of the same name, Iván Navarro’s series of three water towers examines the history of migration in the Americas and the United States. During the Great Depression, the water tower became a symbol of hope and opportunity for nomadic workers. According to Navarro, “every time they saw a water tower, they jumped out of the train because it signaled economic activity in that town.” Visitors can step beneath the towers and look up at the repeated messages that are inspired by Navarro’s personal history as an immigrant. 
Before making its way to the Momentary, 'This Land is Your Land' was previously on view in Madison Square Garden in New York City, and most recently at the Navy Pier in Chicago (USA).

Starting July 2, 2020

The Momentary, 507 SE E St, Bentonville, AR 72712, États-Unis


The Ladder – solo show

For his first permanent site-specific public artwork, Iván Navarro unveiled a new project, THE LADDER, in San Francisco, US. The project, located on the façade of the 12-story tower fronting Market Street, consists of a ten-storied neon and steel ‘ladder,’ resembling a functional fire escape.

THE LADDER subtly combines both the public space and the public imagination, by merging familiar visual languages iconic to urban architecture in the United States, whose structures adorn facades but whose functions are long buried beneath their nostalgic beauty. The charged combination of these two forms, provokes a conceptual and material dislocation that is the essence of artistic subversion.

1066 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102, États-Unis

From 28 May 2020, Permanent installation

Les Extatiques - Group Show

For the third edition of ‘Les Extatiques’ curated by Fabrice Bousteau, Iván Navarro presents an original artwork untitled ‘Mélusine’ commissioned by la Défense (Hauts-de-seine). Yue Minjun also joined the group show by lending his bronze sculpture, ‘The Tao Laughter n°4’
For ‘Les Extatiques’, eleven artists will take over the esplanade of Paris La Défense, from the Takis basin to the Grande Arche, playing with the unique architecture of the place. The great novelty is the dual locations : the exhibition takes place on the esplanade of La Défense, but also in the gardens of La Seine Musicale, creating an unprecedented dialogue with the environment. 


Paris La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine)

From June 25 to October 4

Recyclage/Surcyclage – group show

This year, the Fondation Villa Datris decided to explore a current issue: the act of recycling, through sculpture. At a time where sustainable development has become a priority, contemporary artists took over the topic to explore it through a creative eye. They used imagination and inspiration to create a new world flows. Numerous artists tried to recycle. Among them are Jim Dine and Iván Navarro who made their way into the exhibition, underlining our presents concerns.

From June 20 to November 1, 2020

Fondation Villa Datris, 7 Avenue des Quatre Otages, 84800 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France


MAPPA MUNDI – group exhibition

The exhibition presented by the Boghossian foundation explores artistic representation of the planet: map, frontiers and travels, social and ecological upheavals. Visitors discovers a selection of contemporary works revealing their vision of the globe through many different medium. The representation of the world, as much today than yesterday, comes from scientific and convenient necessity to perceive our geography, far and near, as a vivid source for the imagination. Contemporary artists such as Iván Navarro are still captivated by the world map and constantly try to reinvent it or transform it. For Navarro, the new mappa mundi is a complex overlay of neon and mirrors, brought to life by electrical power.

From march 5 to october 4, 2020

Boghossian foundation, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 67B, 1050 Bruxelles


In collaboration with DOMINIQUE PERRAULT 

As part of its artistic and cultural brief, GRAND PARIS EXPRESS has announced that Iván Navarro will be one of its guest artists, working with architect Dominique Perrault (DPA) on the future Villejuif-Institut Gustave Roussy station.

Grand Paris Express is Europe’s largest urban infrastructure project, with 200-km of new automated metro lines and 68 new stations to build by 2030, designed by influential modern architects. As part of this unprecedented urban transformation project, and to promote the emergence of a unified city-wide identity, Société du Grand Paris (SGP) has launched a major arts programme under the direction of José-Manuel Gonçalvès.

Each new station will be the setting for a lasting artistic intervention, fruit of the convergence between two creative worlds, architect and artist working in tandem. The programme will lead to the creation of a vast body of multi-disciplinary art, with an impact simultaneously local and city-wide.

Iván Navarro and Dominique Perrault are one of the first architect-artist pairs to be announced. They will work together on the Villejuif Institut-Gustave Roussy station, collaborating on a project focused on sensations of depth and the interplay of light.



Iván Navarro : BIFOCAL

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires presents BIFOCAL, a solo exhibition of the internationally recognized Chilean artist Iván Navarro. In collaboration with Revolver Galería (Buenos Aires and Lima), Templon Galerie (París), Galería Isabel Aninat (Santiago de Chile) and Luciana Brito Galeria (SãIno Paulo), the show will feature a selection of more than fifteen artworks, including neon sculptures and audio-visual installations. Navarro's work seeks to explore the aesthetic and political dimensions of electricity through perceptual alterations stimulating the spectator in a sensorial and psychological way. Thereby, the artist achieves to reinvent everyday objects to criticize power institutions and ponder about Chilean history.

November 15, 2019 - March 1, 2020


Bienalsur, Home sweet home - Group show

How much do the spaces we inhabit say about us? What forms do such spaces take? In what way do they reflect our lifestyle? If the home is the border limit between outside and inside, public and private, safety and uncertainty, “home” is also the projection of our own body (and in particular our mind) as a kind of microcosm which with to dispute the immensity of the universe. In the context of this exhibition, we conceive of home as a space-time where we unfurl the experience of inhabitation, anchoring men and women’s primary desire to occupy a place in the world, which is also the springboard for imagination to take flight.  

From 26/06/2019 to 30/10/2019


Art and Space – group show

The point of departure of Art and Space is the collaboration between Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida and German philosopher Martin Heidegger in 1969, which resulted in the publication of an artist book whose title inspired that of this exhibition. By updating and fleshing out concepts and questions embedded in that extraordinary dialogue, this show presents more than 100 works by international artists and offers itself as a reinterpretation of the history of abstraction in the past six decades.

From 5/12/2017 to 15/04/2018


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