Ulrich Lamsfuss

Selected works

Born in 1971, Ulrich Lamsfuss lives and works in Berlin. An appropriation artist who deliberately blurs the line between painting and photography, his work continues to call into question the very idea of originality. He works using photographs from a wide range of sources, including press, internet, sales catalogues, technical publications and art history. He painstakingly reproduces the photographs in oils to create a fresh interpretation of the chosen images.

Bruzz - janvier 2018
Gilles Bechet - La multiplication des images - PDF of the news
Le Vif Week-end - janvier 2018
- Amplifications poétiques - PDF of the news
Figaroscope (Le Figaro)- mai 2015
- Les Excès de Lamsfuss - PDF of the news
Femina (le Journal du Dimanche) - avril 2015
- Arrêt sur image - PDF of the news
Elephant - 2014
- Ulrish Lamsfuss - PDF of the news
L'oeil - été 2012
Vincent Delaury - Ulrich Lamsfuss copiste conceptuel - PDF of the news
Modern Painters - juin 2012
Alexander Forbes - Honest pictures - PDF of the news
Connaissance des Arts - mars 2011
Guy Boyer - Michel Houellebecq face au portrait - PDF of the news
Artforum - décembre 2005
Kristina Kite - Ulrich Lamsfuss - PDF of the news
Le Monde - 2001
Philippe Dagen - Nouvelles fraiches de l'Art Allemand - PDF of the news

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