Jitish Kallat

Covering Letter
September 7 > October 31, 2013
Paris - Impasse Beaubourg

Selected works
Press release -

 Letter Gandhi

Covering Letter, exhibited at the Impasse space, is a piece of historical correspondence beamed onto a fog curtain: a brief letter written by Gandhi to Hitler in 1939 urging him to reconsider his violent means. Kallat describes the note as a haiku; a plea from a great advocate of peace to possibly one of the most violent individuals that ever lived, it is equally an invitation to self-reflection.

Born in Mumbai in 1974, Jitish Kallat embodies an artistic revival and he is part of the new generation of contemporary
Indian artists whose work has received wide visibility. His work has been exhibited internationally at exhibitions such as ‘Century
City’ at London’s Tate Modern (2001), ‘Indian Highway’ at the Serpentine Gallery, also in London (2008), ‘Chalo! India’ at the
Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (2008), ‘Die Tropen’ at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin (2008), ‘India Contemporary’ at the Gemeente
Museum in The Hague (2009), ‘Indian Highway’ at Oslo’s Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (2009) and ‘Car Fetish’ at the
Musée Tinguely in Basel (2011). In 2011, the Dr Bau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai dedicated a major solo exhibition to the artist:
‘Fieldnotes: Tomorrow was Here Yesterday’, followed by a solo titled 'Circa' at the Ian Potter Museum of Art in Melbourne.
His work has been seen in France at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (‘Indian Summer’, 2005), Musée national
d’art moderne-Centre Pompidou (‘Paris, Delhi, Bombay’, 2011), MAC in Lyon (‘Indian Highway’, 2011) and Tri Postal in Lille (‘La
Route de la Soie’, 2010/11).

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