Omar Ba

SOLO SHOW - Political Animals 

On November 20, the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) will open the first U.S. museum exhibition of works by acclaimed Senegalese contemporary artist Omar Ba. 

With Omar Ba: Political Animals, the BMA introduces audiences to the incredible conceptual, social, and political relevance of Ba’s oeuvre as well as to his distinct formal approach, which combines the fine detail associated with drawing and the scale and grandeur of history paintings. 

Baltimore Museum of Art, United States

Through April 2, 2023

Kehinde Wiley

INSTALLATION - An Archaeology of Silence

As an extension of Kehinde Wiley's exhibition, organized at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini during the 59th Venice Biennale, Musée d'Orsay presents three monumental works by the artist in its nave. These artworks deepen the reflection developed around the DOWN series begun in 2008.

Musée d'Orsay

From September 13, 2022 to January 8, 2023

Gérard Garouste

Centre Pompidou - Retrospective

The National museum of modern art - Centre Pompidou opened a large-scale retrospective dedicated to Gérard Garouste, one of the most important contemporary French painters and an advocate of uncompromising figuration.


Alongside 120 major paintings, often of very large format, the exhibition provides space for the artist’s installations, sculptures and graphical works. This retrospective enables us to grasp the full richness of the unclassifiable career of artist whose life and enigmatic body of work, governed by study but also by madness, sustain each other in a gripping dialogue.

Centre Pompidou, Paris

From September 7, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023

David LaChapelle

SOLO SHOW - Make Believe

David LaChapelle’s new exhibition "make Believe" at Fotografiska Museum, mark the artist's first major museum solo exhibition in North America. With over 150 works, the collection highlights LaChapelle’s most iconic images while also presenting new creations for the very first time.

Fotografiska, New York - USA

From Septembre 9, 2022 to January 8, 2023

Gregory Crewdson

SOLO SHOW - Eveningside

The exhibition “Gregory Crewdson. Eveningside”, curated by Jean-Charles Vergne, will open on October 12, 2022 in Torino, Italy. Alongside works from his previous series Cathedral of the Pines (2012-2014), An Eclipse of Moths (2018-2019) and earlier minimalist Fireflies (1996) pictures, the internationally-acclaimed American photographer will display a brand new eponymously-titled series of photographs, Eveningside (2021-2022) as the exhibition’s centerpiece.

Gallerie d’Italia, Torino, Italy

From October 12, 2022 to January 22, 2023

Kehinde Wiley


On December 17, The Cité du Vitrail will inaugurate its new space and show, accompaning its collection, the Saint Amelie stained glass by afro-american artist Kehinde Wiley.

Cité du Vitrail de Troyes

From December 17, 2022

Jeanne Vicerial

SOLO SHOW - Gisant.e.s une Re-Naissance

The exhibition "Gisant.e.s une Re-Naissance" by Jeanne Vicerial opens today at the Basilique Cathédrale Saint-Denis until December 31, 2022. In this context, four sculptures take place among the recumbents of the basilica, two Gisantes and two Présences.

Basilique Cathédrale Saint-Denis, France

Through December 31, 2022

Jitish Kallat

INSTALLATION - Public Notice 2

Jitish Kallat's "Public Notice 2" has joined the collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. The artist renders Gandhi’s historic speech in its entirety, recreating each of its individual letters as stand-alone pieces. 


Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Pierre et Gilles

COLOURS OF TIME - Book signing

On the occasion of the exhibition "Les couleurs du temps" by Pierre et Gilles, a book signing of the eponymous catalogue will be held this Saturday at the Templon gallery from 3pm to 6pm. Free admission and open to all.

TEMPLON - Grenier St-Lazarre

November 26, 2022

James Casebere

GROUP SHOW - Architectures impossibles

The work Blue House on Water #2 by James Casebere will be exhibited at the Beau-Arts de Nancy, as part of the exhibition Architectures impossibles, from November 19, 2022. The exhibition, curated by Sophie Laroche, brings together some fifty artists, bringing together more than 150 works of all kinds, from national and international institutions and private collections.

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, France

From November 19, 2022 to March 19, 2023

Prune Nourry

SOLO SHOW - Statues Also Breathe

A collaborative exhibition "Statues Also Breathe" just opened at Art Twenty One in Lagos, Nigeria, unveiling a major project honoring the Chibok girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram from their high school in Northern Nigeria in 2014 — many of whom are still missing. The project comprises 108 portraits in clay, modeled after the missing girls imaged in the style of iconic ancestral Ife heads.

Art Twenty One, Lagos

Through February 4, 2023

Iván Navarro

GROUP SHOW - Interplay

The exhibition INTERPLAY opened its doors in SITE Santa Fe, featuring Iván Navarro’s "Reality Show (Black)". Although they have only stepped into a simple telephone booth with glass and mirrors, "Reality Show" allows the viewers to feel the mind-bending illusion and sensation of stepping into infinity. 

SITE Santa Fe, USA

Through February 13, 2023

Chiharu Shiota

SOLO SHOW – Silent Word

Chiharu Shiota has designed an installation made of interwoven threads especially for her new solo exhibition "Silent Words" at Schauwerk Sindelfingen in Germany. The installation with the same name fills the space with letters floating from a centered desk and chair into the sky, stretching over black ropes. The letters expand into the space like a universe of thoughts and emotions, but no one can hear them.

Schauwerk Sindelfingen, Germany

Through October 8, 2023

Jitish Kallat

INSTALLATION - Bangkok Art Biennale

Jitish Kallat presents the sculptural installation Untitled (Two Minutes to Midnight). This large installation draws together two carefully chosen pointers, one from our prehistoric past and the other pointing to a prophesied future. The sculptures are placed on a plinth that echoes the contours of the iconic "Doomsday Clock", which since 1947 pictures a hypothetical human-made global catastrophe as "midnight”. Additionally, he also features a site specific, wallpaper installation titled Integer Studies (Drawing from Life) comprising 365 drawings, produced daily during the pandemic year of 2021.

Museum Siam, Bangkok

From October 22, 2022 to February 23, 2023

Philippe Cognée

GROUP SHOW - De la nature

The Musée de Grenoble invites Philippe Cognée, beside Cristina Iglesias, Wolfgang Laib and Giuseppe Penonefour, whose practices are deeply rooted to the ratio between human and nature.

For Philippe Cognée, the only painter selected, landscape apears in his work as a couterpoint to his famous urban views, expressing an ordered chaos, both original and vital ; wild and threatening.


Musée de Grenoble

From October 22, 2022 to March 19, 2023

Abdelkader Benchamma

INSTALLATION - Biennale Arcipelago Medeterraneo

As part of the Sete-Palermo Festival, Abdelkader Benchamma's solo exhibition Cosma will open on October 22, 2022, with the support of Palazzo Butera and the French Institute of Palermo. This exhibition curated by Federica Fruttero gathers works produced during the artistic residency of the artist in the Palazzo Butera in June 2022.

Church of SS. Eunio e Giulano - Palermo 

From October 22 to November 27, 2022

Jeanne Vicerial

GROUP SHOW - Les Militantes

On the occasion of the exhibition "Les Militantes", Jeanne Vicerial will present her artwork Vénus ouverte #1, on view from October 19, 2022 onwards, at the Maison Guerlain.


The exhibition, dedicated to feminine commitment, brings together some fifteen established and emerging artists from the contemporary scene in collaboration with Paris+ by Art Basel.

Maison Guerlain, Paris

From October 19 to November 14, 2022

Kehinde Wiley

MENTORSHIP EXHIBITION - Alexandre Diop & Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley becomes Alexandre Diop’s mentor for the next exhibition resulting from the 2022 mentorship at the Acacias Art Center during Paris + by Art Basel.

As part of the Reiffers Art Initiatives mentorship, he will accompany the young French-Senegalese artist Alexandre Diop for several months. This collaboration will result in an exhibition at the Acacias Art Center – Reiffers Art Initiatives from October 19 to November 19, 2022, during the week of Paris+ by Art Basel.

Acacias Art Center, Paris

From October 19 to November 19, 2022

David LaChapelle

GROUP SHOW - Thierry Mugler : Couturissime 

Opening on November 18, the exhibition "Thierry Mugler: Couturissime" will present photographies by David LaChapelle. Already seen by more than one million visitors in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and France since its launch in 2019, the exhibition is about to conclude its world tour in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Museum, New York, United States.

From November 18, 2022 to May 7, 2023

Alioune Diagne


TEMPLON announces the internationale representation of the French-Senegalese artiste, Alioune Diagne. 

Born in 1985 in Fatick, Senegal, Alioune Diagne lives and works between Dakar and Vienne in Isère, France. Graduated in 2008 from the Beau-Arts of Dakar, he immediatly distinguished himself by founding in 2013 a unique mode of expression : the "figuro-abstro", a figurative image created from an infinite number of unique elements.

Templon will present one of his works, "Modou Modou Dakarois", 2019, in Paris+ and will dedicate a solo exhibition to him in January 2023 in its Brussels space.

Since 2011, his work has been the subject of numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Europe, Africa and Asia, including "Sing or Swim", 11th Biennale de Dakar, Senegal, 2014 ; "Itinerary on Colors", Espace Jean Drevon, Saint-Jean-de-Bournay (France), 2014 ; the exhibition outside the walls of Art Basel, 2017, Basel ; "Un nouveau regard", Aosta, Italy, 2017. His work has also been part of the national collection of Senegal since 2019. In 2022, Diagne's work entered the national collection of Senegal and was presented in an exhibition of the Dakar 2022 biennal at the Grand Théâtre de Dakar. 

Kehinde Wiley

GROUP SHOW - Metal of Honor : Gold from Simone Martini to Contemporary Art

Metal of Honor: Gold from Simone Martini to Contemporary Art explores how four artists, of different times and different places, use gold as an artistic strategy for innovation and honor. For the occasion, Kehinde Wiley presents his artwork The Archangel Gabriel alongside two contemporary painters to elevate and honor the Black men and women they depict.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

From October 13, 2022 to January 16, 2023

Michael Ray Charles

GROUP SHOW - Black Indians de la Nouvelle Orléan

Opening on October 4, the exhibition "Blacks Indians From New Orlean" will present two artworks by afro-american Michael Ray Charles. Via a geographical and chronolical journey featuring interviews, contemporary costumes and traditional works, the exhibition reveals a singular culture, built by more than three centuries of resistance against the assault of social and racial domination.

Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac Museum, France

From October 4, 2022 to January 15, 2023

Prune Nourry


On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche, October 1, 2022, the work Atys #1 by Prune Nourry will be visible in the Cour d'honneur of the Palais-Bourbon of the French National Assembly, from 8pm to 1:30am.

Free entrance without registration at 126 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris.

French National Assembly, Paris

On October 1, 2022

Kehinde Wiley


Kehinde Wiley's "Rumors of War", settled in its permanent home at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Arthur Ashe Boulevard. Kehinde Wiley's work is a direct response to Confederate monuments in the United States and explores the politics of representation, race and gender in America.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, United States

Chiharu Shiota

SOLO SHOW - Circulating Memories

Chiharu Shiota's work is currently displayed in her new exhibition, Circulating Memories, in Oita at Beppu Project, Japan. 

Beppu Project, Oita, Japan

Through October 16, 2022

Prune Nourry

INSTALLATION - L’Amazone érogène 

From October onwards, the Great Hall of the Royal Museums will host a monumental work by the multidisciplinary artist Prune Nourry, a rising figure in international contemporary art. L'Amazone érogène, shown for the first time at the Bon Marché rive gauche Paris in 2021, is a work directly linked to her personal fight against breast cancer and is inspired by the mythological figure of the Amazons. 

Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Belgium

From October 14, 2022 to February 12, 2023

Chiharu Shiota


Specimen Room used to be a room for anatomical specimens when this was a nursing school, works by Shiota Chiharu made of glass, thread, and wire are being exhibited along with specimens that remain in their glass cases. 

Aichi Arts Center, Japan

From July 30 to October 10, 2022

Chiharu Shiota

INSTALLATION -  Manifesta 14

For this installation, Shiota has chosen to work with red yarn, a colour she associates with blood, the body and human relationships. Into the vast entanglement of her “three-dimensional drawing”, the artist has woven personal stories of birth, childhood, family and country, religion, love and death. Each was written by someone from Kosovo.

Manifesta 14, Kosovo

From July 22 to October 30, 2022

Jean-Michel Alberola

SOLO SHOW - Gestalt

Curated by Marion Bataillard, the new exhibition "Gestalt" at the Centre d'art contemporain, àcentmètresducentredumonde presents works by Jean-Michel Alberola. 

àcentmètresducentredumonde, Perpignan

Through October 2, 2022

Claude Viallat

SOLO SHOW - Formes en Vrac 

Provocative and sumptuous, rigorous and ironic, Claude Viallat's painting shows the power of color through the repetition of a simple form. At La Chapelle, the artist display a selection of recent, unstructured canvases that respond to the architecture of the place by the audacity of their form and the flamboyance of the color. 

Chapelle Sainte-Marie-Claude, Annonay

Through August 19, 2022

Orsten Groom

SOLO SHOW - LIMBE [Le vroi dans la nuit]

Dedicated to childhood in contrast to prehistoric art, forty fiery, baroque and complex canvases weave a disconcerting and singular cave, impregnated with the original power of painting.

From this whirlwind emerges a complex reflection that the artist, a new father, questions on the innocence of art and man in the grip of history and memory, between mythology, literature and anthropology.

To do this, Orsten Groom called the great prehistorian and specialist in cave art, Jean-Michel Geneste (former curator and director of research at the Lascaux cave, heritage and director of the National Center for Prehistory and the multidisciplinary study program of the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc cave), with whom a lengthy interview has been reproduced in the catalog published on the occasion.

Orsten Groom - LIMBE [Le Vroi dans la Nuit]

Suquet des Artistes, Cannes

From July 1st to December 11, 2022

Kehinde Wiley


Black Rock Senegal seeks to support new artistic creation through collaborative exchange and to incite change in the global discourse about Africa. The third year of the program will run between July 2022 and March 2023 and will welcome sixteen artists from around the world.

The selected artists for Black Rock 2022-2023 are: ‘Pemi Aguda (Nigeria, Writer), Gouled Ahmed (Ethiopia, Textile), Sophia Nahli Allison (USA, Film), Adrian L. Burrell (USA, Film), Panmela Castro (Brazil, Painter), Chinwe Chigbu (Nigeria, Photographer), Ayan Farah (Sweden, Mixed Media), Enam Gbewonyo (United Kingdom, Textile), Stephen Leo Hayes Jr. (USA, Sculptor), Amina Kadous (Egypt, Photographer), Mae-ling Lokko (Ghana, Mixed Media), Nasheeka Nedsreal (Germany, Performance Based), Nengi Omuku (Nigeria, Painter), Léonard Pongo (Belgium, Visual Artist), Khalif Tahir Thompson (USA, Painter), and Paul Verdell (USA, Painter).

Kehinde Wiley - Black Rock Senegal

Dakar, Senegal

July 2022 to March 2023 

James Casebere
Philippe Cognée

GROUP SHOW - Exodes 

"ExodeS" is a particular cultural event because of its conception, invading, for one summer, a city rich in history and migrations since Antiquity. The exhibition is installed in temporary structures, taking possession of emblematic places and monuments, squares and gardens, unusual places, seashores where it is good to stroll, rest, look.

Philippe Cognée, James Casebere - Exodes

ville de Saint-Raphaël 

From July 1st to September 30, 2022

Philippe Cognée

GROUP SHOW - Lourd Léger, les états du corps 

The body in all its states is a fundamental data of the contemporary creation: painting, drawing, print, installation, ceramics, videogram... Externalized, reified in a way, it departs from the poignant authenticity of the body of the artist of Body Art. The body that we guess, that we cross, that imposes itself, that falls, that flies away, that spreads, that we divide... Everything is about weight, breath and matter. Lourd léger tells the story of a body in search of rest, humor, gravity and fantasy. Classical art has bequeathed us a body of metamorphoses and reveries.

Philippe Cognée - Lourd, Léger, les états du corps

Moulin des Arts, Saint-Rémy

From June 25 to September 4, 2022


Iván Navarro

SOLO SHOW - This is your land 

Here, Navarro invokes the iconic form of water towers, closely associated with the skyline of New York City, a city where immigrants from around the world gather in search of a better life. Guthrie’s 1940 song criticized the privatization of resources in the United States that he believed all should have access to, including water. Notably absent from Guthrie’s song is reference to Indigenous Nations' right to this land and critical role in protecting clean water. Ultimately, Navarro’s installation raises questions about how nations linked by colonial histories might reshape their futures.

Iván Navarro - This is your land 

Sculpture and Architecture Park, New York 

Starting June 25, 2022

Iván Navarro

GROUP SHOW - Rêveries 

With this new series made in 2020 during the confinement, Iván Navarro takes the viewer on a poetic journey through cosmic landscapes. Constellations, nebulae, eclipses, large panels of illuminated glass open up like windows to the infinity of space. Both sublime and intriguing, these imaginary cartographies question the limits of astronomy, mental representations and anthropocentrism.

Iván Navarro - Rêveries 

Domaine Pommery, Reims 

From June 25 to November 8, 2022

Prune Nourry

GROUP SHOW - Mettre au Monde 

"Mettre au monde" questions the complex interaction between creation, begetting, public and private spheres, intimacy and extimacy while questioning the tenuous balance between these worlds in the life of an artist, parent, active and independent evolving notably in the field of visual arts still too little structured in the social support of its actors. The exhibition "Mettre au monde" (Bringing into the world) was created by the curators Amélie Adamo and Lucile Hitier. It supports a selection of artists who have - at some point in their lives - dedicated their work to their family, their child, to the inhabited body, to the nurturing body or to the artistic practice of four hands.

Prune Nourry - Mettre au Monde

L’Artsenal, Dreux

From June 23 to January 8, 2023 

SOLO SHOW - The Soul Trembles

“The Soul Trembles” is the largest exhibition devoted to the internationally active artist Chiharu Shiota. On display are some one hundred works ranging from her 1990s output to her latest pieces. In addition to large-scale installation, there are sculptures, performance videos, photographs, drawings, and materials related to her stage design projects. 

Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia. From June 18 to October 3, 2022

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan. From May 1 to August 29, 2021

GROUP SHOW - Claude Viallat, Patrick Saytour

After visiting several places in the hometown,  Viallat, in collaboration with Saytour, chose to exhibit their work in places not so well suited to present painting, a way to put painting back into play and to renew with the spirit of Supports/Surfaces. 

Aubais, France

Through August 21, 2022

Philippe Cognée

GROUP SHOW - Fleurs ! 

Here, the flower topic seems to reconnect with the fundamentals of painting, evoking traditional Flemish still life bouquets as well as Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. Through this process, however, Philippe Cognée is also confronting the fundamentals of his own practise. His proliferating flowers echo a nature full of magic and mystery, as fragile as it is indomitable. They act as the “memento mori” haunting many of his past series such as those dedicated to recycling factories (2005), vanities (2006) and slaughterhouses (2008).

Philippe Cognée - Fleurs !

La Fabrique - Centre d'art, Montreuil

Through June 20, 2022

SOLO SHOW - Arcoss the River

The artist's works touch on central themes of human existence: memory and time, homeland and tradition, life and death. Her installations focuses on the interconnections between humans and the world, linked together through invisible threads symbolizing feelings and inner thoughts.

Landesgalerie Niederoesterreich, Austria 

Through January 15, 2023

Julião Sarmento

SOLO SHOW - Abstracto, Branco, Tóxico e Volátil

Bringing together a significant set of works that marked his career, th selection presented here is the fruit of a close collaboration between the late artist and the curator Catherine David. A title of one of his 1997 works, "Abstracto, Branco, Tóxico e Volátil" is the first major exhibition of Julião Sarmento since his passing.

Julião Sarmento - Abstracto, Branco, Tóxico e Volátil
Coleção Berardo, Lisbon
From May 12, 2022 to January 1st, 2023

Kehinde Wiley

Venice Biennale - An Archaeology of Silence

Curated by Christophe Leribault, the exhibition Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence is hosted at Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the occasion of the 59th Biennale di Venezia. 

For this new body of work, Wiley has expanded these core thematic elements to meditate on the deaths of young Black men slain all over the world. Technology allows viewers to witness these graphic depictions of violence against the Black body that were once silenced. Wiley states, “That is the archaeology I am unearthing: The spectre of police violence and state control over the bodies of young Black and Brown people all over the world.” In light of the current global conflicts, language concerning power struggles and inalienable human rights are more critical than ever.

Kehinde Wiley - An Archaeology of Silence

Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Italy

From April 23 to July 24, 2022

David LaChapelle

SOLO SHOW - I Believe in Miracles

With a new project, the MUDEC is offering an exhibition based on a critical look at the human soul, explored in its folds of pain, solitude, joys, passions and ideals. Man and his relationship to himself, man in his environment and in human society, man in Nature. 


David LaChapelle - I Believe in Miracles

MUDEC, Italy

Through September 11, 2022

Jean-Michel Alberola

SOLO SHOW - Hermès Baby

Combining visual arts and poetry, Jean-Michel Alberola presents a series of works, some of which are specially created for the Passage Sainte-Croix, notably two imposing wall paintings.Some thirty drawings and gouaches take up extracts from the texts of the Beat Generation and are inspired by their cut-up technique by randomly assembling fragments of poetry, colours and thoughts of the artist.

Jean-Michel Alberola - Hermès Baby

Passage Sainte-Croix, Nantes

From April 12 to June 11, 2022

Jeanne Vicerial

GROUP SHOW - La Fin est dans le commencement et cependant on continue

This multi-sensory project approaches the human being as a tool of perception and a tracer of possibilities. Based on our natural perceptions represented by the 5 senses - sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste - the invited personalities from various disciplines reveal their perception of these senses by making it a rule not to stop at a specific medium: they are designers, visual artists, light designers, sound artists, textile designers, dancers and botanists.

Jeanne Vicerial - La Fin est dans le commencement et cependant on continue

Fondation d’entreprise Martell, Cognac

From April 7 to November 6, 2022

Norbert Bisky

SOLO SHOW - Mirror Society 

In Mirror Society, the artist presents a series of recent works uniquely collaged with canvas from previous paintings that has been slashed and reapplied to a mirrored surface. These composite arrangements deconstruct the figure into fragments of torsos, limbs, and faces violently intersecting with abstracted bursts of saturated color and the mirror’s fractal reflections. The viewer is confronted with half-hidden, half-bared images of beautiful youth as well as their own gaze, trapped in a voyeuristic feedback loop. With these works, Bisky comments on the narcissism of a society deeply engaged in the production and consumption of a dizzying onslaught of images in viral media, ambivalent to the violence and turmoil of global events. 

Norbert Bisky - Mirror Society 

SCAD Museum of Art, United States

Through August 1st, 2022

Kehinde Wiley

GROUP SHOW - Lux et Veritas

Kehinde Wiley is presenting artworks on the occasion of the exhibition Lux et Veritas. It explores a transformative period in contemporary art by focusing on a generation of artists of color who attended Yale School of Art for graduate studies between 2000 and 2010 and discovering how they explored with critical complexity their work and their movement through institutional structures.

NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale

From April 2, 2022 to January 8, 2023

Omar Ba


Omar Ba’s work is characterized by its enigmatic nature and its great poetic intensity. In contrast with a didactic narrative, he rather seeks to express his subconscious and his symbolic interpretation of reality. The artist deals with themes such as chaos, destruction, and dictatorship, draping his political discourse in a veil of poetry through a pictorial language that is entirely his own, both fierce and delicate. 

Omar Ba - Focus

Fine Arts Museum, Belgium

From April 1st to August 7, 2022

Chiharu Shiota

SOLO SHOW - Living Inside 

For its 14th Carte blanche to contemporary art, the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet invites Chiharu Shiota. For her first solo exhibition in a museum in France, the artist addresses the shores of this new anxiety, that of the Covid era. With her threads, Chiharu Shiota weaves an inextricable protective network around a daily life that has become tiny; this scale, which is new in her work, refers to her experience, to the experience of all of us, of isolation in our homes. 

Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet, Paris

From March 16, 2022 to June 6, 2022

Kehinde Wiley

GROUP SHOW - Fictions of Emancipation: Carpeaux Recast

Featuring more than 35 works, Fictions of Emancipation: Carpeaux Recast reflect on the role Western art has played in representing misconceptions of racial difference. Kehinde Wiley’s After La Négresse, 1872 (2006), a small-scale editioned bust, transfigure the sculpture to confront the hierarchies of race underpinning Carpeaux’s creation.

The Metropolitan Museum, New York

From March 10, 2022 to March 5, 2023

Claude Viallat

SOLO SHOW - Libertad de Colores

This exhibition brings together the most representative works of his oeuvre, which, grouped by theme, pay homage to one of the most important contemporary colourists, whose abstract pictorial syntax is constantly being renewed while still identifiable among all the others through its serial imprints, its materiality, the nature of its support, its manufacture, the surface treatment and its presentation. A prolific and demanding artist, Claude Viallat, who was one of the founders of the Supports-Surfaces movement created in 1970, has been creating for more than 60 years a universe that explodes with colours, leaving traces of his universal poetry in space and time.

Claude Viallat - Libertad de Colores

MACBA, Buenos Aires

From March 4 to June 12, 2022

Claude Viallat

SOLO SHOW - Eclectique

Claude Viallat's work is based on the conviction that "the object of painting is painting itself", in a movement of repetition and overcoming: "The notion of repetition, of series or repetitions, becomes a de facto necessity". The absence of subject matter allows him to concentrate on forms and structures, on the relationship between colours, on pictorial matter, generating a unique work on colour.

Claude Viallat - Eclectique 

Bonisson Art Center, Aix-en-Provence

From February 26 to June 12, 2022

Jitish Kallat

SOLO EXHIBITION - Order of Magnitude 

Featuring new works that include paintings, multimedia installations, drawings and site-specific interventions, the show reflects the artist’s profound deliberations on the interrelationship between the cosmic and the terrestrial. In ‘Order of Magnitude’, one finds a contemplation of overarching interconnectivity on the individual, universal, planetary and extra-terrestrial dimensions.

Image caption : Jitish Kallat, Postulates from a Restless Radius (2021). Acrylic, gesso, lacquer, charcoal and watercolour pencil on linen, 640 x 320 cm radius, 375 cm length. Image courtesy of the artist and Ishara Art Foundation. Photography by Ismail Noor/ Seeing Things.

Ishara Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates

From February 16 to July 1st, 2022

Pierre et Gilles

SOLO SHOW - Troubled Waters 

For the first time, French artistic duo Pierre et Gilles are exhibiting in Sweden. Inspired by the old maritime setting of the Museum of Spirits, they take as their starting point the romantic representation of the sea, the port and the sailors, which they compare with the overexploitation threatening today to exterminate marine life.


Djurgårdsstrand 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Suède

From February 10 to September 8, 2022

Abdelkader Benchamma

GROUP SHOW - Ce que nous avons perdu dans le feu

An exhibition imagined by Lola Gonzàlez at the invitation of Éric Mangion.

"Winter 2020, there is the discovery of the universe of Mariana Enriquez, a slap. The title of her book haunts me "What we lost in the fire".

November 2021, I have just finished her latest novel "Our share of the night", I am stunned and deeply touched by the power of her writing. So I borrowed her words for the title of this collective exhibition, a way for me to invite Mariana among us and a way for me to invite Mariana among us and to pay her a tribute.

Villa Arson, Nice

From February 5 to April 17, 2022

Claude Viallat

SOLO SHOW - Kitchissime 

The exhibition sheds light on a selection of recent works, objects made of rope with a vernacular rusticity, but also on fabrics painted with repeated motif, which became his signature. An always-renewed shape while the artist plays on the diversity of the materials and appropriates the raw support for a sound and rhythmic colourism transcending the simplicity of the motif.

Claude Viallat - Kitchissime

Fondation GGL Helenis, Montpellier 

Through May 30, 2022

Jeanne Vicerial


Galerie Templon is delighted to announce that it is representing French artist Jeanne Vicérial, a clothes designer and researcher.

She was selected for a residency at the prestigious Villa Medici in 2020, and at not yet 30 is the first person in France to be awarded a PhD in the practice of fashion design. She develops a protean body of work, forging links between design, crafts, fashion, the arts and sciences. Baroque and unsettling, her creations are designed as works of art rooted in innovative textiles and textures. They address contemporary environmental issues and the question of the ties between ready-to-wear and haute couture. She founded the design and research studio Clinique Vestimentaire in her quest to use her work to substantially redefine ideas about the body and clothes.

In March 2022, the gallery will be holding an exhibition dedicated to her work in its Brussels space. The show will feature around ten brand new creations from the artist, taking viewers on a voyage of discovery into her visionary world.

Michael Ray Charles


Galerie Templon is delighted to announce that American artist Michael Ray Charles joins the gallery roster.

With the valuable collaboration of his agent Hedwig Van Impe, the gallery will unveil for the first time in almost two decades the complex, visually striking and often disturbing oeuvre of one of the most radical African-American artists of his generation. Templon will reveal over time his spectacular series of unseen paintings and sculptures.

Born in 1967 in Lousiana, Michael Ray Charles created a sensation when he first emerged on the artistic scene in the nineties. Along side his contemporaries Kara Walker or Kerry James Marshall, he was a pioneer in exploring the representation of African-American communities within American history and pop culture. By appropriating some of the most disparaging imagery of the 20th century, his practise subverts the common perception of identity and racial discrimination. Sometimes painful but always deeply political, his multi-faceted works question the power of images. As his friend the film maker Spike Lee put it in a 1997 interview “Michael Ray Charles attacks some serious issues and with a deft humor, which is very hard to do. He makes you laugh while he’s killing you. That’s a real artist.”

The success of his shows at Tony Shafrazi gallery in New York, quickly led him to exhibit extensively around Europe, showing with Hans Mayer in Germany and especially Cotthem Gallery in Belgium and Spain. The controversial reception of his work however, combined with a growing sense of inadequacy and frustration with the American art world, led him to question the commodification of his art. In 2004, encouraged, motivated and supported by Hedwig Van Impe, the artist chose to disengage himself from the public sphere to solely focus on his research. Since then, Michael Ray Charles has been sharing his time between the US and Belgium, building in almost complete secrecy a body of work more powerful than ever.

In a context reshaped by the Black Lives Matter movement, Michael Ray Charles will now unveil for the first time at the gallery, one of his mysterious series, the result of 20 years of relentless investigations and quest for a new artistic language. The first show at the gallery will open in March 2022. As an advance preview, two paintings, ironically titled “Forever Free” were exhibited in Art Basel Miami Beach (December 1-4 2021).

Billie Zangewa

Tomorrow is a Different Day - group show

Using samples of vibrant silk, the artist hand sews sprightly embroideries who take inspiration from contemporary life scenes.

Tomorrow is a Different Day spotlights art and design from the collection, from 1980 to the present, by international artists and designers who are helping to shape the changes of today and tomorrow. They challenge the status quo and offer alternative perspectives.

Stedelijk Museum

Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ, Amsterdam

On Going

Will Cotton

La Dame à la Licorne Médiévale et si contemporaine - group show

In Roping, 2019-2020, Cotton switches treats for a surprising encounter between a triumphant cowboy and his fantastic steed which is none other than a pink unicorn. The mythical animal comes here to challenge the norms of the conquest of territories by men. The latter loses its virility in a wonderful world made of softness in which seems to dive a desacralized cowboy who is not without evoking a Queer update of that created in 1989 by the artist Richard Prince. 

Musée des Abattoirs

76 All. Charles de Fitte, Toulouse

From October 30, 2021 to January 16, 2022

Abdelkader Benchamma

Rayon Fossile - solo show

The Lambert Collection invites Abdelkader Benchamma to take over the entire first floor of the Hôtel de Montfaucon. Entitled 'Rayon Fossile', the exhibition is organized around an initiatory journey through possible worlds, past, imaginary, future, written or dreamed, assembled in a narrative that unfolds slowly in the rooms of the museum.

Rayon Fossile 

Collection Lambert, 5 Rue Violette, 84000 Avignon, France 

October 29, 2021 through February 20, 2022

Kehinde Wiley


For his first collaboration with a major UK gallery, The National Gallery, Wiley will depart from portraiture to explore artistic conventions and modes of representation in the European landscape tradition through the media of film and painting. Wiley’s first film installation, Narrenschiff (2017), was a contemporary response to the Ship of Fools theme, popular in European culture from the late 15th century. It featured a group of young Black men at sea, struggling to reach the land – a metaphor for both historical and contemporary histories of migration and social dislocation. Building on these themes at the National Gallery, Wiley will explore European Romanticism and its focus on epic scenes of oceans and mountains, and humankind’s relationship with nature. The film included in this project will feature Black Londoners that Wiley met and cast for the film on the streets around the National Gallery.

Winter 2021

The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

Iván Navarro

Iván Navarro - The night of Philosophers

This work attacks the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, a reign marked by torture, murders and disappearances ordered by the government for over 15 years. The video refers to the poet and singer Victor Jara, who was killed in September 1973 in a stadium in Santiago by Pinochet's armed forces.  On September 27, 2021, starting at 7pm, UNESCO will be transformed into a large philosophical agora and will be the scene of twelve hours of multi-performance for the tenth anniversary of the Philosophy Nights events created by Mériam Korichi in 2010. 

UNESCO, 7 Pl. de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris, France 

September 27, 2021 

Chiharu Shiota

In the beginning was… - Permanent work

Chiharu Shiota created a site-specific installation for the Planta Project "In the beginning was..." in the industrial complex of La Plana del Corb. The colours, shapes and textures of the environment inspired Shiota to use stone for the first time in one of her installations. She chose it as a material, not only because of the relationship with the landscape of Planta, but also for its link with the origin of the universe.

Planta Project, Complejo industrial La Plana del Corb, Balaguer, Lleida, Spain

The UNAM Biennale gathers around forty artists who illustrate with originality and talent their vision of "Moi, Je" and its present and future challenges in the mutations of an obviously dangerous society and withdrawal into oneself.

Biennale de l’UNAM (Union Méditerranéenne pour l’Art Moderne)

Château-Musée Grimaldi, Haut-de-Cagnes – Place du Château, Cagnes-sur-Mer

From June 12, 2021 to January 3, 2022

René Wirths

« Time on my side » - Solo show

The exhibition “Time on my side” presents a selection of masterful works by Berlin-based artist René Wirths that shows some realistically painted patterns from the everyday life, which are larger than life, in front of a neutral white background. In his practice, René Wirths asks himself the most important question, the question of our own existence. Wirths' work alternates between the objectivity of the things depicted and the subjectivity of the artist's or viewer's perception.

In his reproductions, the artist does not use a photographic model or projection technique but paints the objects as he sees them in his studio.

Museum in Kleihues-Bau

Stuttgarter Str. 93, Kornwestheim 

From July to January 23, 2022

David LaChapelle

“Maria Magdalena” - group exhibition

Mary Magdalen is a woman of extremes and has given rise to a multiplicity of interpretations: a wealth of representations, conspiracy theories and controversies. This special exhibition will introduce the visitor to the rich, paradoxical and constantly evolving imagery surrounding this mysterious biblical figure. From the time of the New Testament to the present day, Mary Magdalen has proved to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists.

Museum Catharijne Convent, Utrecht, Netherlands

From June 24, 2021 to January 9, 2022

Kehinde Wiley

The Obama Portraits Tour - Traveling exhibition

Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of President Obama and Amy Sherald’s portrait of Mrs. Michelle Obama unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in February 2018 will travel to five cities across the U.S as part of The Obama Portraits Tour organized by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

In addition to the artworks themselves, the tour will feature audiovisual elements, educational workshops, curatorial presentations, and a richly illustrated book The Obama Portraits (2020) co-published by the National Portrait Gallery and Princeton University Press and select merchandise will also be available. This special presentation will exchange the conversations surrounding the power of portraiture and its potential to engage communities.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago: from June 18 to August 15, 2021

Brooklyn Museum, New-York: from August 27 to October 24, 2021

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles: from November 5, 2021 to January 2, 2022

High Museum of Art, Atlanta: from January 14 to March 13, 2022

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: from March 27 to May 30, 2022

Julião Sarmento

JULIAO SARMENTO (1948 - 2021)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Juliao Sarmento, yesterday May 4, in Lisbon.

Born in 1948, Juliao Sarmento was a major figure of Portuguese art from the 1970s onwards. He was among the first of his generation to achieve wide international recognition, exhibiting in numerous prestigious museums (including the Tate Modern in London, the Centro Contemporáneo de Malaga in Spain, the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and the Fundaçao Serralves in Porto). Throughout his life, he carved a place for himself among the great thinkers and artists of contemporary art. His work explored the terrain of desire and representation in an approach combining painting, video, sound and visual installations. Exploiting a huge variety of combinations, Sarmento created an oeuvre with recurring motifs: the archetypal woman, modernist architectural images, plant-like lines, references to literature and the cinema. A large part of his work addresses issues of fragmentation, the gap between the real and fictional.
Fluent in French and a lover of French culture and cinema, Juliao Sarmento was widely admired in our country, where his work was the subject of many museum exhibitions, including Pompidou, MAMAC in Nice or most recently the Gulbenkian Foundation in Paris.

A passionate artist, Juliao Sarmento radiated with relentless curiosity and fierce energy. Profoundly humane and generous, he we will greatly missed.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Photo: pf.Elle.J 

Kehinde Wiley

New acquisition – Saint Adelaide, 2014

It is the first stained glass artwork designed by Kehinde Wiley to enter a public art collection in the world. The title and pose of Saint Adelaide derives from an original 19th century stained glass window depicting the 10th century saint and consort of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I in the Royal Chapel of St Ferdinand, Paris. In Wiley’s stained glass artwork, the figure of the female saint is substituted for Brooklyn model Mark Shavers - a young black man wearing pale jeans, a stripy jumper and gold trainers, with a fur around his neck.
It is one of three stained glass artworks (Saint Adelaide, Saint Remi and Saint Amelie) inspired by historic stained glass in this chapel designed by French painter Jean Auguste-Dominque-Ingres and made at Sèvres.

The Stained Glass Museum

South Triforium, Ely, Cambridgeshire (UK)

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota « Memory of Water » - permanent work

For the 10th anniversary of the prohect “Arts Towada” that transforms the city into a museum of art, the Towada Art Center is replacing his permanent artwork and displaying the deposited works for the first time since its opening.

On this occasion, Chiharu Shiota will unveil the work “Memory of Water” on April 1st, 2021. This is part of a series of work using boat and threads that has been presented in other exhibitions in Japan and around abroad. It is Chiharu Shiota’s first permanent work in a public museum of art in Japan.

April 1st, 2021

Towada Art Center, Aomori, Japan

Chiharu Shiota

“The web of time” - permanent displays

“I want the viewer to reflect on their inner self, on their life – past, present, and future…” – Chiharu Shiota

In “The web of time”, countless intertwined strands connect numbers across time and space. The installation which is part of the Te Papa museum’s permanent collection creates the vision of a night sky studded with constellations of numbers. These numbers – scattered like stars in the night sky – represent meaningful dates in history, both collective and personal. As Chiharu Shiota says, “Numbers confort us. We share dates that are important to us, and they help us understand ourselves.”

permanent displays

Museum of New Zealand  Te Papa Tongarewa, 55 Cable Street, Wellington

Iván Navarro

RIO DE SANGRE – installation

“Río de sangre” is an installation created by Ivan Navarro, located on the banks of the Mapocho river in Chile. Made up of an iron tower connected to one of the river’s pathways through a bridge, it creates a peaceful place for meditation in the midst of the urban jungle. Visitors can walk it up, one at a time, and are given a map of Santiago with the streets renamed after various parts of the human body. The installation is an homage to the Desaparecidos, the victims of the dictatorship thrown in the river before and after the Pinochet era.

Santiago, Chile

From 12 january 2021

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley, Go – permanente installation

The new Moynihan train hall (New York, USA) features three ambitious site-specific permanent installations by artists Kehinde Wiley, Stan Douglas and Elmgreen & Dragset. On view on the 33rd Street mid-block entryway ceiling, Wiley’s site-specific installation Go (2020), covers the ceiling of the train hall’s with a backlit, hand-painted, stained-glass triptych that recalls the grandeur of decorative Renaissance and Baroque painting.

The Moynihan Train Hall, Penn Station, New York

From January 1, 2021

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