Ulrich Lamsfuss

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

From September 18th to November 10th 2013 Painting Forever! is a cooperation of Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Nationalgalerie -Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. For the launch of this cooperation project, initiated by the Berlin Senate, the four institutions involved have chosen painting as the focal point for the first year of this collaboration, which is to be continued in the future. The title of the project is PAINTING FOREVER! (…)

Chiharu Shiota

The Mattress Factory Art Museum, Pittsburgh, USA

From September 12th 2013 to May 31st 2014 The site-specific installation of new works by Shiota will fill the eight rooms in the building at 516 Sampsonia Way—a 19th-century row home with a storied past—which is suited to the artist’s work. Its interior is cosmetically untouched; the raw condition of the building lends itself well to reflections on the past and the conjuring of memories. Learn more about 516 Sampsonia Way from former tenant Richard Morris. (…)

Jan Fabre

Royal Staircase, Fine Art Museum, Brussels, Belgium

Permanant installation in the Royal Staircase in Fine Art Museum in Brussels, Belgium

Jitish Kallat

San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, USA

From September 6th 2013 to April 20th 2014 Food punctuates daily life and shapes family traditions. It is a manifestation of commonality and culture. Your childhood may have been nurtured by food memories—of meals and mealtimes, of abundance or want, of family roles and rituals. We each may take our small comforts from Wonder Bread, roti, pita, tortillas, challah, injera, or bánh….(…)

David LaChapelle

Museum der Moderne, Mönchsberg, Salzburg, Austria

From Saturday 27th July to Sunday 27th October 2013 The comprehensive exhibition Flowers & Mushrooms presents current positions of contemporary representations of flowers and mushrooms and their newly developing levels of meaning.  For some time now, there has been a renaissance of flowers and mushroom themes in fine art. The works of leading “portraitists” of flowers and mushrooms, such as Peter Fischli/David Weiss, David LaChapelle, Marc Quinn, Sylvie Fleury, Nobuyoshi Araki or Carsten Höller, continue the multi-faceted and long pictorial tradition of flowers, which is unparalleled in the history of art. At the same time no other motif is so easily suspected of trivialism. The question arises of how a subject that is frequently accused of being trivial and shallow has been able to gain ground in a field of art that is generally regarded as serious and sophisticated. The picture of a flower is too easily associated with the idea of harmless beauty and the mushroom with cliché-like hallucinogenic states of conscousness. Nevertheless many artists increasingly adopt these motifs, adapt them and find individual ways to put them into the context of sociocritical, feminist, political and media-reflexive art. (…)

Chiharu Shiota

The Museum of Art, Kochi, Japan

From Sunday 7th July to Monday 23th September 2013 Our next exhibition will feature new works by Chiharu Shiota, an artist who is the focus of attention in art circles all over the world. Born in Osaka, Chiharu Shiota is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Deemed a young artistic master with artworks of epic proportions, she actively creates new works in various countries, and her next move constantly attracts much attention. Her roots lie in Kochi’s Ogata Town (current Kuroshio Town)—her parents’ hometown—and her memories of the many childhood summers spent here were the catalyst for her creation of art. (…)

Jan Fabre
Jean-Michel Alberola
Jim Dine
Gérard Garouste
Kehinde Wiley

Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence, France

From Saturday 29th June to Monday 11th November 2013 Painters and sculptors collaborated with the Catalan architect Josep Lluís Sert, creating works which were integrated into the building and the surrounding natural environment: the Giacometti courtyard, the Miró labyrinth with its sculptures and ceramics, the mosaic murals of Chagall and Tal Coat, Braque’s pond and stained glass window and Bury’s fountain. Indoor and outdoor spaces link up with each other through the sculpture garden, the courtyards, terraces and patios. The Maeght Foundation is already famous for its architecture and gardens; it is also home to one of Europe’s richest collections of modern and contemporary art. The greenery of its grounds makes the Maeght Foundation the ideal place to discover the great artists of our time. (…)

Kehinde Wiley

Boise Art Museum, Boise, USA

From Saturday 22th June to Sunday 27th November 2013 One of the most significant young artists today, Kehinde Wiley (American, b. 1977) is known for his vibrant, large-scale paintings of black urban men rendered in the self-confident, empowered poses typical of classical European portrait painting. The World Stage: Israel is part of the artist’s series exploring the global black diaspora and the international phenomenon of urban youth culture. Paintings in The World Stage: Israel are based on photographs the artist took of men of diverse religions and ethnicities living in Israel. The elaborate decorative backgrounds are based on historical Jewish designs and motifs. The portraits are complemented by a selection of Jewish textiles and works on paper, loaned by Ahavath Beth Israel synagogue in Boise, to provide examples of the types of traditional artifacts that inspired Wiley, including Torah ark curtains and a marriage contract.  (…)

Julião Sarmento

MACE, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas, Portugal

From Saturday 22th June to Tuesday 31st December 2013 Opening in June at MACE – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas (Elvas Museum of Contemporary Art) will be Julião Sarmento’s solo exhibition INDEX, curated by João Silvério. A catalogue designed by Pedro Falcão, with a text by João Silvério (Portuguese and English), will be published to accompany the exhibition. (…)

David LaChapelle

ENSBA, Paris, France

On the occasion of Still Life, his first exhibition in Paris at Galerie Templon (June 6 – July 26), American photographer David LaChapelle will be retracing his practice and presenting his new series during a lecture held at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. World-renowned for his highly colorful fashion photography and flamboyantly baroque portraits of celebrities, David LaChapelle surprises us here with a new approach that bears witness to his interest in the underside of the American dream and the history of art. David LaChapelle is an icon hunter obsessed by the question of notoriety, and when vandals had attacked the Dublin Wax Museum he traveled there to make a record of the broken lookalikes, which led him to investigate many wax museums in the United States (California and Nevada). One of the most widely published photographers of the last twenty years, since 2006 David LaChapelle has been focusing on the experimental artistic sides of his art. In recent years he has exhibited his works at many one-man shows around the world, including the Barbican Museum in London (2002), Palazzo Reale in Milan (2007), the Musée de La Monnaie in Paris (2009) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel (2010), from which he received the honor of Artist of the Year in 2011.  Also recently, major retrospectives of his work have been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (2010), Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico (2011), Hangaram Museum in Korea (2012), Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague (2011/2012), and the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm (2012/2013).

Anthony Caro

Correr Museum, Venice, Italy

From Saturday 1st June to Sunday 27th October 2013 The splendid rooms of the Museo Correr will be the setting for the first major Italian retrospective dedicated to one of the greatest of living sculptors: Sir Anthony Caro (New Malden, Surrey, 1924). The versatile British artist has radically “revolutionised” his art. After a strictly figurative beginning, under the influence of his teacher, Henry Moore, he drifted away from sculptural tradition to create revolutionary assemblages, welded and bolted together, painted in bright colours and positioned on the floor within the viewer’s space; these were abstract works but rich in ideal content. This new, fascinating sculptural language established him as a key figure in the development of 20th century sculpture alongside David Smith, Mark Di Suvero and Richard Serra. (…)  

Yue Minjun

Venice Biennale, Arsenal, Venice, Italy

Du samedi 1er juin au dimanche 24 novembre 2013 Italian art criticand curator Achille Bonito Oliva, together with Chinese art historian LüPengare invited to co-curate “Passage to History: 20 Years of La Biennale di Venezia and Chinese Contemporary Art”.They will offertheir historical perspectives on this exhibition and its cultural subjects.Thanks to the former’s participation, we may gain a clearer understanding ofand affinity for the Chinese contemporary art exhibitionat La Biennale di Venezia, its background andhistorical significance. As for the participation of the latter, he has fortwenty years been in the position of clarifying contemporary art in China for international audiences. (…)

Jan Fabre

Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France

From May 29th to June 3rd 2013 Jan Fabre direction
Troubleyn Company

“Every artist, face to face with his lone self, like a man wrecked at sea…” such were Jan Fabre’s words used in Sanguis/Mantis. The Tragedy of a Friendship is a meditation on the relationship between Nietzsche and Wagner. Prodding the artist’s intimate dualities, Jan Fabre digs into the clefts that torment the creator torn between his aspiration to transcendence and his temptation to the mundane, between his attraction to intellectual speculation and the call of intuition. (…)

Atul Dodiya
Jan Fabre
Jitish Kallat
Mao Yan
Chiharu Shiota
Kehinde Wiley
Yue Minjun

Booth view

Gérard Garouste

Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, France

From May 23 2013 Le CNAP, en partenariat avec le Centre des monuments nationaux et la Direction générale des patrimoines installe au domaine national de Saint-Cloud Le défi du soleil, commandé à l’artiste en 1985 et prévu à l’origine pour le jardin du Palais-Royal. (…)

Philippe Cognée

ENSBA, Paris, France

From May 22th to July 19th 2013 Pour la première fois, une institution parisienne expose le travail de Philippe Cognée, artiste enseignant de l’Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (Ensba). Après Jean Michel Alberola, Joël Kermarrec, Annette Messager ou encore Michel François, le Cabinet des dessins Jean Bonna présente le travail de l’artiste dans le cadre de son volet contemporain. (…)

Jonathan Meese

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From Saturday 25 May 2013 to Sunday 22 September 2013 For the previous edition of ArtZuid in 2011, we combined non-western and western artists and, in the introduction to the catalogue, we considered the historical aspects of such a juxtaposition, known as World Art. We pointed out that in this discussion of western and non-western art, existing relationships were being changed. This is part of the intercultural debate in a global world which, since the 1960s, as a result of mass communications, is becoming a global village. In addition, large-scale migration of workers since the 1960s has created a society in western cities described as multi-cultural. Politically, this coincided with decolonisation. The old ethnology also changed and with it the view of non-western art. Alongside the traditional ‘primitive’ art, attention gradually turned to contemporary artists from non-western countries. Exhibitions such as Magiciens de la Terre in the Centre Pompidou in Paris set a standard. But this was very quickly followed by accusations of aesthetic prejudice against organisers who were thought to regard non-western art as an exotic phenomenon. The mouthpiece for that criticism, Okwui Enwezor, put forward his case in Documenta in Kassel. He limited his selection to artists who worked with socio-political themes. In the catalogue we formulated some objections raised by his approach and which led to an artistic interpretation in which didactic moralism and a politically-correct message set the tone. (…)

Philippe Cognée

Centre Pompidou Metz

From May 17th to October 7th 2013 Sur plus de 2000 m2, l’exposition plonge dans le rêve d’Icare et offre, à travers près de 500 œuvres en dialogue (peintures, photographies, dessins, films, maquettes d’architecture, installations, livres et revues…), un panorama inédit et spectaculaire de l’art moderne et contemporain. Depuis quelques années, la vue aérienne suscite un regain d’intérêt. Du succès de La Terre vue du ciel de Yann Arthus-Bertrand à la popularité de Google Earth, la vue à vol d’oiseau fascine, tant par la beauté des paysages dévoilés que par le sentiment de toute-puissance qu’elle inspire. L’exposition Vues d’en haut prend appui sur cette actualité pour remonter aux origines de la photographie aérienne et explorer son impact sur la création artistique et, de fait, sur l’histoire de l’art. (…)  

Atul Dodiya
Oda Jaune

Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium

From April 18th to June 30th 2013 Voyages Intérieurs, 7ème accrochage de Maison Particulière, célèbre les deux ans d’existence du centre d’art.
A travers leurs regards, les collectionneurs témoignent de leurs passions.
En s’emparant du thème Voyages Intérieurs chaque collectionneur, à sa manière, a exprimé ses rêves, ses voyages, au sens propre comme au sens figuré. Chaque voyage est une expérience et chaque collection détient bien souvent de multiples voyages. (…)

Gérard Garouste

France 5

Vendredi 12 avril 2013 à 21h30
Diffusion sur France 5 du documentaire de Joël Calmettes Gérard Garouste retour aux sources. Une production Chiloe Productions