Jan Van Imschoot

Selected works


Born in 1963 in Ghent, Jan Van Imschoot has been living and working in France since 2013. Jan Van Imschoot’s exploration of the possibilities offered by painting have resulted in a body of work that draws its power from highly critical and dramatic themes and contains references to countless artists, from Tintoret to Luc Tuymans, Goya to Matisse. Jan Van Imschoot places his figures, decors and narratives at History’s margins, using assembled perspectives, strong tones, bodies in motion and brushwork he describes as ‘anarcho-baroque’. His work delves into a number of recurring motifs: freedom, censorship and the violence of political and ideological systems.

Les nocturnes des bonnes vivantes March 25 - May 20, 2023 / Paris - Beaubourg
La présentation des Absents November 6 – December 31, 2021 / Paris - Grenier Saint Lazare
Le bouillon de onze heures October 29, 2020 - January 30, 2021 / Brussels
Amore Dormiente January 10 - February 23, 2019 / Brussels
Le jugement de Paris à Bruxelles February 25 - April 16, 2016 / Brussels
Belgique November 5 - December 23, 2015 / Paris - Beaubourg