Jean-Michel Alberola

… de Suzanne

“Through painting, literature, drawing and photography, Alberola’s work takes the form of a simulacrum. […] Reference and memory, from Delacroix to Loti, from mythology to the Bible, from Tintoretto to the writings of Klossowski, the art of quotation becomes the science of slip-ups.”

 Catherine Strasser, art press, avril 1982 (Trans.)
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The artist

Born in 1953 in Saïda, Algeria, Jean-Michel Alberola lives and works in Paris. During his thirty-year career he has produced a protean body of work that straddles figurative, abstract and conceptual art. Gouaches, sculptures, artists’ books and films represent the different facets of his exploration of the fragility of beauty, ambiguity of perception, the role of the artist and the purpose of art. With the mixture of humour and lyricism characteristic of an engaged artist, he combines artistic reflections with political and social questions. 

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