This richly illustrated publication features Jean-Michel Alberola’s new series 1965-1966-1967 (Details), prefaced by a conversation between the artist Jean-Michel Alberola and the historian Philippe Dagen.

Publication Jean Michel Alberola — 1965-1966-1967
Years 2024
Texts Philippe Dagen
Graphism Clémentine Tantet
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“1965-1966-1967 is a turning point heralding the explosiveness of politics in the 1970s,” explains the artist. “Those three years still had a sense of freedom, before money began to infiltrate the artistic domains of the music and film industries in the late 1960s. People realised that counterculture could be sold. That’s when everything changed”. – Jean-Michel Alberola

This group of drawings, engraving and oil on canvases was initially shown at Templon Paris for the exhibition “The Kings of Nothing and the Years 1965-1966-1967” from January 6 to February 24, 2024.