Alioune Diagne. Ndox-Glint was published on the occasion of Alioune Diagne’s solo exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen. As part of the “La Ronde” contemporary art festival, Alioune Diagne showcases Ndox-Glint, a new series of 11 paintings placed in dialogue with the Museum’s Impressionist Masters.

Publication Alioune Diagne — Ndox-Glint
Years 2024
Texts Texts by Florence Calame-Levert & Julie Chaizemartin
ISBN 9782917515532
Pages 96 pages
Rate 28 € TTC
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Alioune Diagne’s powerfully coloured canvases are inhabited by canoes, fishermen and the shores of Senegal. From his native country, he has always been drawn to the banks of the Senegal and Gambia rivers, capturing the liveliness and energy of the scenes of life he observes.