Kehinde Wiley

The Stained Glass Museum
South Triforium, Ely, Cambridgeshire (UK)

It is the first stained glass artwork designed by Kehinde Wiley to enter a public art collection in the world. The title and pose of Saint Adelaide derives from an original 19th century stained glass window depicting the 10th century saint and consort of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I in the Royal Chapel of St Ferdinand, Paris. In Wiley’s stained glass artwork, the figure of the female saint is substituted for Brooklyn model Mark Shavers – a young black man wearing pale jeans, a stripy jumper and gold trainers, with a fur around his neck.
It is one of three stained glass artworks (Saint Adelaide, Saint Remi and Saint Amelie) inspired by historic stained glass in this chapel designed by French painter Jean Auguste-Dominque-Ingres and made at Sèvres.