Pierre et Gilles

Errances immobiles

This autumn, Pierre et Gilles are presenting at Galerie Templon’s Rue Beaubourg space, recently renovated by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, a set of works created over the past two years.

Pierre et Gilles – Errances immobiles, TEMPLON Paris, 2020
Pierre et Gilles – Errances immobiles, TEMPLON Paris, 2020

Famed for their iconic portraits fusing painting and photography that they have been creating for the past 40 years, the duo is unveiling their most introspective and critical work to date. For the exhibition, they use their astute observations of society to concoct bittersweet pieces that reflect the contradictions of our era.

The exhibition opens with a self-portrait created in the studio during the lockdown: Bonjour Pierre et Gilles pays tribute to Gustave Courbet’s painting Bonjour Monsieur Courbet. It shows the couple wandering on a bucolic path, lost among housing estates and residential suburbs. Thugs, scrap metal dealers, homeless people, Yellow Vest protestors? With a knowing look and their trademark benevolence, Pierre et Gilles invite us into their unique universe, an artificial world as wondrous as it is disturbing.

The lay-out of the gallery has been re-imagined, opened up to make it lighter with a bigger surface area that will emphasize further more on the quality of the exhibited work. This step is part of the gallery’s evolution bringing a breath of fresh air to the space’s identity and is a positive sign for the Parisian art scene.

As Daniel Templon puts it himself; “Our space at rue Beaubourg gallery has so much potential, it is located in one of Paris’ most vibrant area and has hosted for the past decades the most renown artists from all around the world. The impact of the Coronavirus crisis on public access to art has made everyone realize the increasingly important role of the gallery. This new step in the history of our space embodies further this idea: to provide our visitors with a free access to high-quality museum-level exhibitions”.

La reine des océans (Adèle Farine)


The artist

 Pierre was born in 1950 in La Roche-Sur-Yon, Gilles in Le Havre in 1953. They are internationally renowned artists who have been producing works together since 1976, creating a world where painting and photography meet. Their art is peopled by their friends and family, anonymous and famous, who appear in sophisticated life-size sets the artists build in their studio. They meticulously apply paint to the photographs once printed on canvas. Accomplished image creators, Pierre and Gilles have built up an extraordinary contemporary iconography on the frontier between art history and popular culture.

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