Jules Olitski

Oeuvres récentes

A mysticism that’s obvious when you look at the paintings of the last ten years; huge paintings of unusual format, many of which had already been shown last summer in Jau’s magnificent retrospective. From Kandinsky to Olitski, the filiation is obvious. It lies on the side of the same insane call towards that part of the invisible, the intangible, towards that living but hidden part that some call God and others Beauty.

Catherine Francblin, Le Quotidien de Paris, 14 novembre 1984
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The artist

Born in 1922 in Soviet Russia, Jules Olitski emigrated to the USA at a very young age. He was a master of Color Field Painting. After perfecting a spray-painting technique for laying colour onto his canvases, in the 1970s he went on to develop new techniques, spreading colours with a cloth or scraper or laying them on with a roller to create thickly structured surfaces. Jules Olitski died in 2007.

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